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Even in the heat of the summer, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice being cool just to be cozy. And it definitely shouldn’t come at the price of a higher A/C bill. That’s why we designed the Weezie Short Robe with no collar or long sleeves, so you can lounge – even in August. But we kept the pockets. Because you gotta have pockets. ;) 

Our friend Caitlyn Fitzpatrick at Best Products agrees. She says she loves to dress cozy, but hates to sweat. So naturally, when she reviewed our luxury short robe recently, it was love at first wear: 

I’m not the biggest fan of summer, but even if you are, no one likes feeling hot and uncomfortable. So instead of throwing on a T-shirt and shorts, lounge around the house in a simple robe that you won’t want to take off. Trust me, it’s a rough couple hours when it winds up in the laundry.

Plus, as Caitlyn pointed out, a plush (short) robe is a great investment for summer 2020 in particular: 

Since we’re all working from home for the foreseeable future, you might want to join me by hopping on the robe train. Whether I wear it by itself or over my pajamas, I’m glad I discovered a way to be cozy in the summertime. Just beware that your family might want to steal it from you. Yeah, it’s that cozy.

Read the rest of Caitlyn’s review, and shop Short Robes.

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