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Model is wearing the womens short patterned robe in a Tullie pattern. Model is holding a piped edge bath towel with light blue piping, and MLC embroidered in French Blue thread and Tybee font.

The best towels & robes

At the end of the day, you want towels and robes worth celebrating. After years of researching, testing, and designing, we found the secret formula. Now you can sit back, relax and wrap yourself up in Weezie. 

line illustration of camel
Model is carrying a child and a Royal Blue Stripe Beach Towel

Top Notch Quality

We work with a third generation family owned factory in Portugal to bring you the best of the best. Weezie is soft, fluffy, and absorbent.

Image features a piped edge hand towel with light blue piping and the monogram FPS in light blue thread color and the style Tybee. Hand towel hangs on a brass towel ring in a powder room decorated with costal decor.

Design your own

We know one towel or robe does not fit all, so we have given you a blank canvas to design your own. Choose your piping color and add embroidery. You do you. 


Water you waiting for?

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Meet Weezie.

Offices in Savannah and Atlanta, GA

Based in Georgia

Our offices are located in two of Georgia’s finest cities: Atlanta and Savannah.  We love nothing more than handing our guests a fluffy towel when they touch down in Savannah (aka the Hostess City).  Our headquarters is in the heart of bustling Atlanta, where towel time is especially sacred.  

Weezie's founders Lindsey Johnson and Liz Eichholz sit together.

The Founders

Newly married, recently moved, and on the hunt for fresh towels, Liz immediately sensed a gap in the market after an overwhelming and lackluster purchase experience. She approached her longtime friend Lindsey with the idea for the perfect, go-to towel brand.  The dynamic duo hit the ground running to modernize luxury and introduce the world to Weezie.

line illustration of camel

The Camel

Camels are some of the driest animals on the planet.  They absorb water like nobody’s business, while maintaining their thick, soft coat (like towel, like camel).

Models wearing piped edge bath towels in navy piping and white piping enjoy a glass of wine.

The Name

Weezie is a modern nickname for the more traditional name Louise. Think of Weezie as the new age hostess -- thoughtful but laid back at the same time.  She is your friend whose door (and wine fridge) is always open.

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