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Towel Whisperers

Looking for the secret to the perfect towel? After years of researching, testing and designing, Weezie has found it. Now you can sit back, relax and wrap yourself up in towel time.

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Top Notch Quality

We worked with a family owned factory in Portugal to bring you the best of the best. These towels are soft, fluffy, and beautiful. Bonus: they'll actually dry you off.

Beautiful Choices

We know one towel does not fit all, so we have given you a blank canvas to design your own. Choose your piping color and add embroidery. You do you!


Wrapped up in Weezie

Towels with soul

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Meet Weezie.

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Offices in Savannah, GA and New York City

Based in
Savannah, GA

Known as the "hostess city," we love nothing more than handing our guests a soft, plush towel when they arrive in Savannah. Our second home is in chaotic NYC, where our towel time is especially sacred.

The Founders

Do you love your towels? We didn't. When Liz asked Lindsey an innocent question: "what towels do you use?" Lindsey responded "I actually hate my towels." This was the text that launched thousands of hours of research into the archaic industry of bath towels. Liz and Lindsey have spent an unhealthy amount of time thinking about towels, so that you can finally own towels you love.

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The Camel

Camels are some of the driest animals on the planet. They absorb water like nobody's biz, while maintaining their thick, soft coat. Did we mention they are super sassy? Trust us on that one.

The Name

Weezie is a modern nickname for the more traditional name, Louise. Think of Weezie as the new age hostess - thoughtful but laid back at the same time. She is your friend whose door (and wine fridge) is always open.

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