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Now that the dream robe is all yours, let's talk about taking care of it! Our robes are made from a lightweight 100% organic cotton terry. We prioritized finding the softest quality cotton and lightweight construction so our robes are extremely cozy, but not hot and heavy. Terry is a delicate fabric due to it’s raised loops, so here are some tips to keep your robe looking and feeling great.

Step 1: Wash your robe on a gentle cycle with cool water. Avoid bleach and fabric softener.

It’s important to wash your Weezie robe alone with towels or other terry robes. Always avoid washing with clothing as harsher fabrics, zippers, and hooks can cause damage to your robe. Hot water increases shrinkage in cotton fabrics, so cool water is best. Using a gentle cycle will keep your washer from doing any damage as well. If your washing machine has a center agitator, washing your robe in a garment bag is the safest bet.

Don’t use chlorine bleach as it can discolor your robe and damage the cotton fibers over time. And fabric softener is a no-go. Our robes will stay nice and fluffy without it!

Step 2: Tumble dry on low.

Tumble drying on low will keep your robe in the best shape. Hot water and high heat drying can cause your robe to significantly shink, although some shrinkage (about 5%) is to be expected in all 100% cotton products.

Step 3: Snip any snags 

Terry fabric is naturally more delicate because of its raised loops, which can be easily caught on objects and pulled. If you notice any loose threads and snags on your robe, just give them a quick snip with scissors and your robe will look as good as new! 

Hairbrushes are the number one culprit of more severe snags on terry robes, so try to avoid direct contact between your hairbrush and the robe. Jewelry and rough materials (i.e. wood or textured chairs) can also pose a risk to your robe, so do your best to avoid while relaxing in your Weezie. If your robe gets caught and starts to pull, you should be able to give those snags a quick snip and it’s like the snag never happened!

How to: Snip Snags and Loose Threads

Oh no! You notice there are some loose threads and pulls on your robe. Don’t worry: a quick snip should fix this and your robe will look brand new in no time! All you need is a pair of scissors.

Tips to avoid snags:

  • Wash your robe before you wear it - we’ve found snagging decreases after washing. It’s also good practice to wash anything new before using it since products go through many different hands during their journey from the factory to you!
  • Avoid accidentally brushing the robe with your hairbrush - sometimes this is hard to do, but be aware if you notice a persistent problem with snags on the upper chest portion of your robe. 
  • Steer clear of sharp objects around the house and rough surfaces (i.e. woven chairs) that could rub and snag terry fabric. 
  • Watch out for jewelry getting stuck on the terry loops.
  • Don’t wash your robe with regular clothing - either wash it alone on a gentle cycle, or with other terry towels. 

If you are experiencing an issue that doesn't look like normal snagging, feel free to email or text 912-400-0340, and a robe expert will assist!

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