House Beautiful: The Right Way to Wash Your Towels

At Weezie, we believe there is literally no better feeling in the world than stepping out of the shower or bath – and stepping right into a plush towel, or wrapping yourself up in the softest robe. But even if you invest in the coziest, best luxury towels, the challenge then becomes keeping them that way. 

We know it’s hard, and that a lot of the conventional wisdom out there about washing towels is confusing (or just plain wrong!). Our friends at House Beautiful agree -- there’s just too much-outdated info out there! So they invited our co-founder, Liz Eichholz, to give some of her best pro-tips on keeping your towels in their best shape. 

Here are some of her golden rules…  

To read more from House Beautiful, click here. And if you’re realizing it’s time to replace your old towels with new luxury towels, shop Weezie here. :-)

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