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If you’re stuck at home these days and restaurants in your area are closed, you might be finding yourself spending a lot more time than usual in the kitchen. Maybe it’s new territory, or maybe you’re practically a chef. Either way, the extra time is a good opportunity to rethink the way you cook – so we put together some ideas for upping your kitchen game during the quarantine.    

Food and Drink Tips and Tricks:
  • Home Chef - They are still delivering without any delays. Saves you from having to order groceries or pick up take out for every meal.
  • PrimeNow - One of the best ways to get your groceries is via delivery. Stock up on your Whole Foods favs without getting up from the couch.
  • Meal Plan, but keep it loose - Sticking to a meal plan is a great way to NOT eat all your quarantine snacks in one sitting. However, it has become a challenge with items being so scarce, so we suggest setting loose rules and planning where you can.

  • Break out the cookbook and try new things - now is a great time to take charge in the kitchen and freshen up your skills. Take advantage while you can! And if you’re looking for a challenge, start a cookbook and work your way through it. Here are some of our favorites at Weezie HQ: 

  • Hop on FaceTime, Zoom, or Houseparty while you’re eating - Dinner dates don’t have to be nonexistent right now. Hop on a video chat while you’re eating to stay connected with your friends and family.
  • Now is the time to join a wine subscription - Bright Cellars is the easiest way to learn about new wines and keep them rotating. In three simple steps, you can be introduced to four new wines each month. All you have to do is take a 7-question test, get matched to wine (Bumble, but for wine?), and then start sipping! 
  • Plan a Happy Hour - whether it is you and your quarantine partner or friends invited via Zoom, plan the occasional happy hour. We are stirring up Clayton's Margarita from the Defined Dish and enjoying a charcuterie board - major inspo from @nashvillecheesegal!
  • Order new pots and pans- Okay, is it just me or have you washed practically every single dish in your house every other day? Definitely making me notice that I need a new set of pots and pans pronto. Two brands that I have my eye on: Caraway Home and Great Jones! Caraway offers an awesome cookware set and if you haven’t heard of Great Jones Dutchess… it might be time to look it up!

One thing to note: a short or long plush robe goes great with any of the above! The perfect attire to mix and dice any meal, plus it’s the most comfy post-meal ; )

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