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In 1992, Cynthia Collins started her Dallas-based firm, Collins Interiors. She has since worked on projects far and wide, but her latest is particularly near and dear: her own Dallas home! 

It has been wonderful to follow along on your Instagram as you renovate your beautiful historic Dallas home. Can you tell us a bit more about the project?

A precious older friend of ours owned the home for 30 years. The best part is that our neighbors are family and friends already. We are excited to be able to move around the corner with our people.

The house is very traditional. It has been refreshing to take an older home and make it current -keeping in its traditional veins and bringing the home to life again. Our new home allows us to have a much bigger yard, and the yard has provided lots of social distancing fun during these corona times.

Pink Perfection! With a family of boys - how did you get away with a pink bathroom? We’re often asked where to start when designing a bathroom: the wallpaper, the tile, hardware? Can you walk us through your design process for this guest bathroom?

My boys are now out of the house and I lived for twenty-five years with boy bathrooms. Now it’s my turn!

First, I would start with the tile, then wallcoverings, lighting, fabric, and art. However, it is important to look at the big picture - taking your time. As for all rooms, it is nice to take your time in order to pull it all together.


Wallpaper: Phillip Jeffries - Bermuda Hemp II, Dusted Pink

Towel Rod: Sherle Wagner Scandia Towel Bar

Acrylic Desk: From my store, Blue Print! Find it here.

Chair Fabric: 60 Oaks in Berry by Isobel

Pink Floor Tile: Ann Sacks Trim Tile in Pink

Hexagonal Floor Tile: Marble Mosaic Floor Tile

Towels: Weezie Light Pink Piped Edge Starter Pack with Prince embroidery in light pink thread.

You and your team frequently travel to England and France to find unique items for your clients’ home and for your Dallas shop, Blue Print. Where are you looking forward to visiting first once we are able to travel again post coronavirus?

Paris, hands down. The architecture, people watching, shopping, food, the finds, etc. Mostly it will be exciting to be a part of the world again.

We must know your Paris picks!

Favorite Hotel: A tie, Hotel Lutecia, and Relais Christine

Go-to Restuarant: It’s new... Blueberry! Sushi

Where to shop: Nothing compares to Paul Bert in the Marché aux Puces!

Where to go off-the-beaten-path: I love wandering through all the little streets in the Marais and stopping at all the tiny shops. I love to do cafe seating out front, having a glass of wine or coffee, and watching all the fashion. The French can take something they have had forever and make it so chic.

If you're curious about what kind of things Cynthia picks up while abroad, check out her lovely retail shop, Blue Print.

We love the things you source for your brick and mortar store in Dallas, what are your greatest sources of inspiration?

My greatest sources of inspiration come from travel, biographies, nature, and art. I also love to follow: @jeffreybilhuber@tomscheerer, @blue_print_store, @jenkinsinteriors, @cabanagirls, @shopcabanacanary, @jamesshowroom, @supplyshowroom, @foundrae, @thepottedboxwood, @katieridderinc, @goodnews_movement, @degournay, @lisamhenderson, @kamukamafoundation (a foundation near and dear to my heart.)

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