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Meet your new robes with a twist! We’re so excited to launch our Collection of Patterned Robes—especially after our limited edition pattern with India Amory sold out in 24 hours last year!

Patterned robes give you something a little bit more playful and fashion-forward for towel time—something you can really #enjoythestay in. And now more than ever, making space for joy in the small moments is important to us.

Since variety is the spice of life, we're launching with multiple patterns. All made with love, all quality you can feel. A lot of hard work went into these robes. Here, we’ll get into the different patterns, the design process, and how we made these printed robes the softest and fluffiest out there...

Parker - our classic stripe available in blue and white.

Gigi - our fun, fresh geometric.

Tullie - inspired by our love for block print florals. 

Step 1 - Inspiration

  • Start with a color story for the season or year. This helps keep the look focused and cohesive.
  • Pull inspiration. Mood board time! We look for inspiration prints before getting to work.

Step 2 - Design

  • Narrow down ideas and design distinct patterns. Fun fact: we try to avoid any pattern that's too detailed because it won't show up well in our terrycloth weave.
  • Finalize colors. We pick out specific Pantone colors to send to our manufacturer.


Step 3 - Development and Sampling

  • Send artwork and color standards to the factory.
  • Manufacturing team sends us lab dips – little swatches of color on terry – to review all the colors in person.
  • Finalize and approve colors!
  • Manufacturers dye and weave samples of the patterns. For these new patterned robes, we went through a few rounds of lab dips and samples to get the color perfect. We sampled 6 designs and lab dipped 8 different colors!

Step 4 - Finalizing the assortment + placing a purchase order

  • Finalize production. For these designs, we landed on our classic light blue paired with white. Classic stripes were always one of our top choices, Tullie was our take on a block print, and Gigi offers a fresh new twist on a geometric.
  • The moment of truth: place the official purchase order. And then open some champagne.

 Step 5: Post Purchase Evaluation

  • Talk it out. We are constantly trying to improve our products and make sure our roadmap sets us up for success. How do we do that? We talk to, well, all of you! Customer feedback helps us make sure our vision matches the experience. This feedback comes in many forms, including reviews, returns, communication with our customer service team, sales reports, and surveys. You can always reach us via email, text or Instagram!

We’re so excited to bring these patterned robes into the world, and see you all wrapped up in them! We can’t wait to see the way y’all personalize them and find comfort in their luxury #enjoythestay.

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Liz Eichholz

Liz Eichholz

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University of Georgia, BFA, Graphic Design
11 years of experience