Weezie Hype Girl: Molly Fienning


Meet our newest hype girl, Molly Fienning! We sat down with Molly to learn about the TWO companies she's founded (Red Clay Hot Sauce and Babiators) and how she takes time to #enjoythestay with husband and two adorable sons in Charleston. Enjoy!

Tell us a bit about yourself! Where are you from and where do you live now? You’ve built two incredible brands.  Did you always know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

I’m a born and raised NYC girl who went to Harvard to study Engineering & Computer Science. Five years later, I re-met a boy from college, who had become a fighter pilot for the Marine Corps. We fell in love, and I quickly found myself a military wife traveling all over the South (did I mention by husband is a South Carolina boy?). We created Babiators, aviator sunglasses for babies & kids, together in 2010, now the leading brand of baby sunglasses with over 3.5M pairs sold. In 2010, we settled in Charleston to raise our two sweet, smart sons--Sawyer (8) and Fox (4). In 2014, I launched Red Clay with my partner (and Chef) Geoff Rhyne, and in 2018, I stepped in as CEO to take this amazing, cold-pressed hot sauce brand to the next level. Earlier this year, Food and Wine Magazine named us “Tabasco for the 21st century”, and last month, Jenna Bush Hager shared Red Clay with Hoda on the Today Show as one of her new favorite things!

The hot sauce fanatics among us can’t stop raving about Red Clay! Tell us more about the story behind the brand.

Red Clay Hot Sauce was born when a passionate, family-man chef from Georgia met a serial entrepreneur from NYC. Chef Geoff Rhyne honed his culinary skills in three of the best restaurants here in Charleston, where he invented a hot sauce made to elevate a plate of food without stealing the spotlight. I was a customer at the oyster bar where Geoff worked and fell in love with both this Original Hot Sauce AND the exciting potential this business had. We partnered to bottle Red Clay and make it a household favorite. It has been an amazing, fun journey so far!

As they say, the secret’s in the sauce! What makes Red Clay so unique?!

In June, Shape Magazine called Red Clay “a shot of heat AND health”, which I love and feel captures what makes Red Clay different really well. We’re a unique balance of a delicious, flavor-forward sauce made by a chef for foodies that is also incredibly health-promoting and thoughtfully made.

First of all, we source only the highest quality ingredients we can. Then, while all other hot sauces boil their peppers, we cold-press our sauces to preserve the flavor of these beautiful raw ingredients and keep their health-promoting enzymes live and active. Then, we age Red Clay in bourbon barrels for 6-8 weeks, which adds notes of umami and depth of flavor from the fermentation process. It also transforms Red Clay into a delicious immunity-boosting probiotic. No sugar or carbs, all the flavor.

We loved learning that you’re a ‘hot sauce convert’ - for those of us who shy away from heat, where should we start?

My partner, Chef Geoff, believes in being able to taste your food, so none of our hot sauces are too hot (our goal is to elevate a dish, not burn your palate). I call our Original Hot Sauce the “gatekeeper” hot sauce, because it’s delicious, not-too-hot and an amazing balance of salt, sweet, acid and heat—with nice umami from the fermentation too. To be honest, I didn’t like hot sauce at all before I tried our OG, and it has officially made me a hot sauce convert (and hot sauce CEO too!).  The OG is yummy on oysters, scrambled eggs, avocado toast, crab cakes, collard greens or a Sunday brunch Bloody Mary. I also love the Verde on tacos, roasted veggies and a fresh salad. The Verde is all my friends’ favorite flavor.

Finally, for those spice newbies, I’d also recommend our medium Hot Honey, which is also not too hot at all. We source only the highest quality, 100% raw Georgian wildflower and infuse it with our habanero pepper mash for the perfect balance of sweet and a bite of heat. It’s outrageous on pizza, sandwiches, spicy margaritas and biscuits

Speaking of heat...warmer temps and upcoming holidays have us all ready for dinners al fresco!

What are 2-3 go-to tips for easy, breezy summertime entertaining?

Let’s talk tablescapes! Where are you sourcing:

How do you make sure you are enjoying your stay on the daily?

Since I was little, I’ve always felt an innate connection to bodies of water–I’m definitely a water baby. Before I start my day, I bring my first cup of coffee to the upstairs porch and watch the river reconnecting with the ocean--in my Weezie robe, of course! I take some time to think, pray or meditate on the day ahead, and I set the tone for the day (instead of letting the tone of the day set me). Just those few moments of grounding myself with the water and nature make all the difference in my day. That is ‘enjoying the stay’ for me, for sure. 

Quick Fire: 

This or That:

Your Towel Time is:

Molly's Weezie robe of choice is the Navy Piped Short Robe and she spends her towel time wrapped in our Black Stitched Edge Bath Towels.

Who knew it was possible to love hot sauce so much? If you're interested in trying all the flavors Molly mentioned above, we recommend getting "The Whole Shebang," all 5 flavors are worth trying! 

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