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Get out your paint brushes! Our next Hype Girl comes with inspiration a-plenty. Catherine Owen, an interior designer and watercolor artist, recently brought some cheer to Lil Weezie's packaging, and now she's back to dish on her process and inspiration!

Tell us about yourself! How did you find yourself working with Katie Ridder?

I was born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina and studied Art History at Vanderbilt University. I worked as an interior designer in Aspen, Colorado after graduating from college and now live in New York City. I began working for Katie while studying interior design at Parsons and have been with her ever since! I’ve been painting my whole life, but over the past year have begun to take on more projects - from wedding invitations and stationery sets to pattern and wallpaper design.

We’re swooning over your florals and wedding crests alike. What are your favorite things to paint?

I love painting thank you notes and birthday cards for friends - it’s a time to experiment and be creative for me. I also started painting floral patterns and monograms on my own shoes during quarantine, and have now partnered with Margaux NY on some fun designs and patterns.

We were lucky enough to have you design the print for our Lil Weezie packaging.  What can you tell us about the process?

It was such a great, collaborative process working on this pattern with Liz. We knew we wanted it to be colorful and fun and to incorporate the essence of the brand. I started sketching different camels and shapes using the Weezie brand colors and it progressed from there. I especially love the organic feel of the baby and mama camel in juxtaposition with the geometric star pattern. I wanted something that would really pop - as it’s the first thing the customer sees when they open their package. The pattern packs the perfect punch and is in line with the overall ease and sense of fun that Weezie embodies!

You have a lot of creative wheels turning. What keeps you inspired?

India and Morocco for color and pattern inspiration. Being in Colorado always brings out some of my best work and ideas - I think the atmosphere and quiet are really conducive to my creative process.

Other sources of inspiration:

Speaking of Katie Ridder – we love nothing more than seeing Weezie in the wild, especially when paired with a great wallpaper! We have to know: what are a few of your favorite of Katie’s textiles and wallpapers, and which color Weezie would you pair with each?

  1. Leaf in Periwinkle - pair this with bath towels with French blue piping and "COA" in Ardsley coral stitching.
  2. Attendants in Pink - This has always been one of my all-time faves! We have it hanging in the office and I’ll never get tired of it! It’s such a fun print. Perfect in a powder room with light pink washcloths with an Ardsley “C” in bright pink stitching.
  3. Moonflower in Blue - pair this with bath towels with navy piping and "COA" in Hudson with green stitching.

    How do you enjoy the stay?

    One of my favorite things to do is to hand paint letters and thank you notes to friends - it’s so personalized and something they can enjoy forever.  I love adding details that are completely specific to important people in my life - some even frame them, which is so flattering and thoughtful.

    You can shop Lil Weezie with Catherine's adorable tissue paper now!

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    Liz Eichholz

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