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In our Towel Talk series, we are breaking down jargon and answering frequently asked questions about our favorite topic: towels! We spend almost all of our time thinking about towels, so you can rest easy knowing that when you buy a towel from Weezie, it's truly the best on the market. 


Today's topic: What even makes a towel high quality? We claim to offer the highest quality towels you can buy. So how are we defining quality? And what factors contribute to game-changing towel design? Read on to find out :)  

Question: What makes a towel high quality?

Answer: Two things: 

  • The best cotton: A high-quality towel starts with premium materials. For Weezie, that’s 100% organic long-staple cotton, which has longer, stronger, and smoother fibers that result in a softer, more resilient towel. (Our cotton is also Oeko-Tex® certified, which means no harmful chemicals are used during its production.)
  • How the cotton is spun: The second quality indicator is how the cotton is spun into yarn before being woven into terry. We worked with a family factory in Portugal to develop our own proprietary spinning technology—and this process is Weezie’s secret sauce. Long story short: Our spinning technique traps air in each and every fiber, making our towels extremely absorbent, soft, and fluffy.

    Most towel manufacturers optimize for one of these properties at the other’s expense. The result is either a super soft towel that doesn’t absorb water or a very absorbent towel that simply isn’t soft. 

    From day one at Weezie, we set out to create a towel that maximizes both absorbency and softness. Our consumer research told us that’s what people wanted—and it’s what we wanted too. Through premium materials and innovative technology, we were able to develop towels of unmatched quality, designed to help our customers #enjoythestay.


    Stay tuned — more towel talk to come.



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