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Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to organizing a linen closet – or any household chore, for that matter. But as our friends at House Beautiful wrote, it can be tough to find the right way to fold your towels. Especially if you’d like to make sure your custom Weezie monogram is on display. 

Lucky for us, they created the definitive guide to folding your towels. Here’s their method: 

Step one: Lay flat.

Step two: Fold in thirds (the long way!). 

Step three: Fold in half.

Step four: Fold in half again.

Step five: Done! Arrange them artistically on your guest bed, or fold them up for crease-free storage. 

It’s seriously that simple. For the full guide (with pictures), read more here. And once you know how to fold them, shop for Weezie towels here.

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