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We're always eager to celebrate moms–this year especially. We asked you all to nominate moms deserving of some extra TLC so we could surprise them with Weezie goodies. We were so inspired by the women you all nominated, and are so excited to share some of their stories with you!

Submitted by Catherine Kelley, @ce_kelley:

"Hi! I know a mom that is so deserving of some extra TLC this Mother’s Day. Her name is Krista Blakely- Instagram is @khblakely. She and I went to college together and she is just the most selfless, loving friend, wife, daughter, sister and most importantly - mother. She and her husband were blessed with a daughter Sullivan Grace 5 years ago but have struggled with infertility ever since. She’s had disappointment after disappointment trying to conceive again (miscarriages, failed IUI procedures, etc). While they are obviously so grateful to have a healthy little girl, Krista was made to be a mother and no one in the world deserves to have all the babies she wants more than her. Krista is the pillar of her family and her friend group(s). I can truly say I wouldn’t be who I am without her constant guidance and fellowship. She is the girl that everyone calls for sage advice. She’s one of the hardest workers I know. Her husband works in college athletics and has a really tough schedule and Krista is able to hold everything together to support him and their daughter, all the while being pulled in a ton of directions with her job. She is about ready to throw in the towel (pun intended) on trying to have another baby and I know it’s been really tough on her as she has so much love to give. This mama deserves the world, or at least some plush towels️. I rave about my Weezie towels and robe to anyone who will listen but Krista would never splurge on Weezie’s for herself. I know she would really appreciate it." 

Submitted by Erinn M, @_erinnmatthews_

"So my best friend is a new mom, her baby is almost one year old, in May. She’s honestly a rockstar, and I look up to her tremendously. She deals with so much on a daily basis. She’s a teacher. She also has a side job as a photographer to help support her family with extra income. And she and her husband have dealt with some pretty big losses this year and in 2020, which I’m sure a lot of other people have too. But despite everything she deals with, she is still a light in my life and every other person she comes in contact with. And she is a giving and selfless mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. So I would love to nominate her because I can’t think of anyone more deserving!"

Submitted by Emma Gulley, @dogfanwinefan

"I want to nominate my mom! She is truly a superwoman. Pre-pandemic she retired early from a career in clinical research and in the midst of the pandemic she felt called to contribute to public health so she returned to work! She did all of this while raising a new puppy, taking care of her mom (who is 88 years old with many health issues), and while helping me plan my wedding! If anyone needs to relax it’s her. She inspires me every day." 

Submitted by Kate Wolf, @katiecope1

"My friend Lauren could definitely use some extra love this Mother’s Day. She lost her mom to cancer in February and this will be her first Mother’s Day without her. Lauren is a mom (and a great one at that) parenting 3 kids while trying to run a business and be there for her Dad while she and her sisters all grieve this tremendous loss. Lauren is the one that keeps the wheels on the bus and she’s so strong, but those are the ones that need the extra love and support the most. I would love to have Lauren be surprised and delighted by this wonderful act of kindness y’all are doing by creating this giveaway. She so appreciates the details and design of things and I know would love to experience the Weezie towel. Thank you!"

Submitted by Kate Kegan, @khkegan

"I want to nominate my friend! I believe she deserves to be celebrated because she is a mom thriving while doing it all. She had her daughter Mary True in November of 2019 then decided shortly thereafter to leave her interior firm and launch her own interior design business. Not only was she able to manage to launch a successful business with a new baby but she did it in a pandemic. She is an incredibly generous and loving friend, wife, mother, and daughter."

 Submitted by Kerri Grimsley, @kerrigrims

"Hi Weezie! This giveaway immediately made me think of my mom, who spends her time pouring love into everyone around her. My mom has been a school counselor for almost 30 years, and she is truly built for it. I have so many memories driving around town with her dropping off clothing & toys to kids in our community who didn’t have them. On top of her work, she was running my two siblings & I to sports and activities, being our emotional support system (along with my sweet dad) & always encouraging us to always make space for people who needed a friend or advocate.

Being the active & generous person that she is, the only time I really know my mom relaxes is in the bath. That’s her space to think, to rest, to pray & regroup. A Weezie robe is probably never something she would think to buy for herself, but I know she would absolutely treasure it!!!" 

Submitted by Taylor Cannon, @mrs_taylorcannon

"My mom is a mother and caregiver to more than just her 6 kids. She is always putting others ahead of herself whether it is through community committees, church groups or helping my dad run his business. I am so thankful for the examples she has set for me, especially now as I am raising my own babies. I hope to set the same example for them of what it means to be a mom and selflessly care for those around me."

Thank you so much to everyone who shared stories of inspiring moms and mom-figures in their lives! If you are looking to gift your own mom something soft and fluffy, our bath towels, robes, and beach towels are sure to bring luxury to her everyday. You can shop gifts for mom here!


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