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Weezie (@weezietowels) is working to turn bath time back into me time. Every single product we make is designed to make it easier to treat yourself. We know how important it is to get everything juuust right -- and that you might have a few questions along the way. To make it even easier to get your Weezie towels exactly as you like them, we made a list of the top 10 questions our customers have. Now let’s pop all those bubbling questions!

How can I track my order? 
Easy! Once your order leaves our warehouse, you’ll receive an email with tracking information. If you have any trouble, email us at and we’ll help!

Can I get different embroidery within one starter pack?
We are only able to offer one style of embroidery per starter pack - the discount you receive by ordering a starter pack reflects the efficiency of an identical monogram across all the towels! If you’d like different embroidery on your towels, ordering a la carte is the way to go.

Green piping with our Perry monogram and green thread

Where are your towels made?
Our towels are made in a family owned factory in Portugal, where they weave the terry then cut and sew our products adding the details that make Weezie special. All embroidery is done by our team in Georgia. Did we mention they are 100% organic cotton and OEKO-TEX certified?

"Our towels are made in a family owned factory in Portugal, where they weave the terry then cut and sew our products adding the details that make Weezie special."

Do you have free shipping?
While we don’t have free shipping across every order, we do offer free shipping on your first order! To get that discount code, sign up for our newsletter. And we always have free shipping on orders over $200! 

How can I figure out my robe size?
First, check out our robe sizing guide on the specific product page. If you’re still unsure, shoot us a note and we’ll help figure out the best size!  

Do you have a trade accounts for interior designers? 
Yes! Email and include the following info to be considered for our Interior Design Program:

    • Business license and/or resale certification
    • Office shipping address + phone number 
    • Primary email for your account 
    • Firm’s Website + Instagram

I threw out the care instructions that came with my towels…
No worries! High level guidance: wash with other towels only, always in cold water, NO bleach or fabric softener, and tumble dry on low! Full care instructions can be found in our FAQs here. Or while you're in the mood for reading, you can check out this blog post all about Weezie towel care here.

Do you ship internationally? 
We ship to all 50 states in the US and Puerto Rico, but unfortunately we aren’t set up to ship internationally (yet!).

Can I see how the embroidery looks before I order?
Yes! We recommend using our Embroidery Preview when placing a customized order so you can see what the monogram or text will look like :-). The Embroidery Preview appears to the left of customization details when placing your order! 

How would I order robes for my wedding party?
Congrats!! We’d love to be a part of your special day. Email with details, and we’ll help you get set up for a large order!

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