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We’re so impressed with the different ways our customers design their monogrammed towels. We give you the canvas, the rest is up to you. 

What are my options? 

Piping colors and fonts and embroidery, oh my! We have nine color options for piping, plus nine different styles for embroidery. And the messaging is up to you—whether it’s monogrammed, playful, or something in between! 

Show, don’t tell. 

On it. Here’s a look at our fonts and styles: 

But where do I put my initials if I’m monogramming? 

Up to you. But in general, if each letter is the same size, put your initials in the order of first, middle, last name. If the middle letter is bigger, do first, last, middle. Our embroidery guide gives you the 411 on every type of embroidery option. It’s our secret weapon and now it’s yours too. 

Help, I can’t choose! 

This is a great problem to have! We know one of the hardest parts is deciding on a  piping color and thread color, which is why we designed our embroidery preview! Our embroidery preview will help you visualize your towels- making the decision that much easier.

If you're still having trouble deciding on which style and if you should match your piping to your thread or not, feel free to ask us! Our Customer Experience team is ready to answer any design questions you might have. Or stay up to date on embroidery trends via our Instagram

Enjoy the stay, 

Liz & Lindsey 

P.S. once you've ordered your personalized towels, take a peek at some of our favorite ways to display your plush towels and robes here!

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