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Mini Hay Avant and Kathleen Hay Hagood are the sister act behind The Goldbug Collection. They are the 4th generation at their family jewelry store, Croghan's Jewel Box in Charleston, South Carolina. Together with their team, they send bug love all over the country! 

Goldbug Gals! What can you tell us about the story behind your enviable jewelry line (as featured in our recent heart robe launch here!)?

The Palmetto Bug is often an unwelcome guest in Charleston, South Carolina. Taking inspiration from their entomological form & short story "The Gold-bug" by Edgar Allen Poe, Mini has gilded these insects, elevating them to an art form that is worn often and with pride.

Mini and Kathleen wear our sold-out limited edition pink heart robes.  For a similar look, check out our Blue Heart Robes or Pink Parker Robes!

Your Love on Top collection was love at first sight for us at Weezie! Tell us more about the inspiration behind the line.  What are your favorite pieces?

Mini: Love on Top was inspired by our Goldbug’s body! Whenever I sketch new designs, I draw the bug body as a heart, so we ran with that, and created an entire collection all about love with Hearts and X’s. Our take on X’s and O’s. My favorite part of this collection is that the heart actually has tiny bug legs on the side, so even though they look like hearts, they are actually little bugs. Can’t forget where we came from! My faves from that collection are the Large heart necklace (it’s reversible, so it goes with just about everything) and the heart ring! Kathleen’s faves are the large heart also, and the tiny heart stud earrings!

Clearly, the upcoming holiday has us all seeing hearts 😍. We just launched our limited edition heart robes (which you two were among the first to try!)  Any other favorite giftable goodies featuring heart motifs?

...and we’re thinking pink! How fun is your limited edition print with Weezie Hype Girl Dorothy Shain?! We’re thinking it might make for the perfect punch in a pink powder room :) How are you framing and styling it in your own homes?

Mini: Dorothy is the cutest! We were so excited for our Goldbug print she did for us, it's the perfect punch of pink, and jazzes up any space. I framed mine in an acrylic floating frame with gold screws so it's all about the print and not a distracting frame. I hung it by our bookshelves in our kitchen. It really pops and always makes me smile!

In 2021, we’re ditching the resolutions and seeking to show ourselves (and our besties) a little more love. What better occasion to celebrate than Galentine’s Day! What are you gifting each other this year?

  • Mini: If I’m allowed to give my Galentine (Kathleen) a “hint, hint” I’d like a baby picture of my nephew in said tiny frame!
  • Kathleen: Well if we are hinting at Cupid, I have been loving the Heart Eye Weezie Makeup Towels!

Thank you, Goldbug Girls! For gift ideas for your galentine, check out our Valentine's Day Gift Guide (or just go straight for the makeup towels, wink wink.)

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