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Gen Sohr has taste to spare. The Nashville-based co-founder of Pencil & Paper Co. designed a fabulous bathroom that has quickly become a Weezie favorite. We have rounded up the sourcing to share with you so you can recreate the look!

Before we dig into sourcing for this colorful bathroom, what tips do you have for those looking to experiment with color?

We're subscribers to the "color makes you happy" theory! So if you love a color, you pretty much can't go wrong! But we also reference any wallpaper or art color combos to help guide color palette.

Wallpaper:  Schumacher, Citrus Garden

Garden Stool: Gen's was a vintage find, but we found a similar one here!

Towel Pick: Gen outfitted her bathroom with a green Piped Edge Starter Pack with Prince embroidery in green thread.

Artwork: Gen's portrait was a vintage find, but Chairish is a great resource for vintage artwork, like this one pictured above.

Paint Color on door frame: Tri-Corn Black from Sherwin Williams

If you're interested in more bathroom sourcing, check out our Source & Tell with Cate and Lathem of GordonDunning Interior Design.

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