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So you finally went for it: you invested in the plush, luxury Weezie Towels you deserve. Maybe even you used our embroidery option to make them extra-special to you, your family, and your space. The next question we always get is: how do I show them off? We put together a roundup of some of our favorite ways for displaying your towels for all to see. 

Towel Rings:

If your hand towel lives on the edge of your sink, towel rings might be the solution for you. Towel rings pair best with smaller towels, like our makeup towels, washcloths, or hand towels. And they instantly make your bathroom a little classier. 

Towel Bars:

Whether you’re trying to save space in a teeny apartment or looking to accessorize your master bathroom, towel bars are a great way to display towels of all shapes and sizes. If you’re trying to save space, a wall-mounted version is the way to go. If you’ve got room to spare, a free-standing option might be your best bet. 


Hooks are one of our favorite, most subtle way of putting our towels on display at home. The proof is in our product: every single Weezie towel and robe has a hook for easy hanging – and drying, since our cofounder Liz Eichholz says that’s the key to keeping your towels smelling fresh and mildew-free. 

Washstands/ Open Sinks:

If your quarantine activities have included totally redecorating your powder room or guest bathroom – a whole new open sink might be your move. Many of our favorites come with built-in towel bars to make displaying your (embroidered?!) hand towels easy-peasy. 

Image via Ivy Pierce 

Free Standing Towel Racks & Ladders:

If you’ve got a little extra space, a free-standing towel rack might be the way to go. They’re a good way to make sure your towels are center-stage, wherever is most convenient for you – whether that’s next to the sink or by the bathtub. 

Learn about how to take care of your Weezie towels and robes here and if you're ready to upgrade to Weezie luxury towels start shopping here!


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Liz Eichholz

Liz Eichholz

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