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The most frequently asked question we hear is, “What is so special about Weezie towels (and robes)?!”

We love getting this question because we spent so much time (over a year, to be exact) thinking about every element of these towels. Aside from our embroidery options, online embroidery preview, short lead times, and hand-done elements like hanging hooks and piped edges, the base of the towels and robes are quite special. We like to say that we give you the perfect canvas, and you choose the details. 

So, what is so special about Weezie towels and robes?!

The Short Answer: We spoke with thousands of consumers to define the *perfect* towel, and worked tirelessly for over a year with best in class partners to bring that product to life. We considered each and every detail: from the raw material, to the weaving technology, to the hand feel, the aesthetic and more. We created the perfect towel, so now all you have to do is #enjoythestay. Need more convincing? See Business Insider's review here. 

The Long Answer...

Best Materials: We start with the best materials: 100% organic long-staple cotton. Long-staple cotton is more durable and absorbent than regular cotton. Length means strength and strength means a longer-lasting towel. 

Environmentally Friendly: Our towels are also environmentally friendly and ethically made. They have been awarded OEKO-TEX® certification (meaning they are free of harmful chemicals).

Ethically Made: Weezie towels and robes are produced in a family-owned factory in Portugal that specializes in luxury towels. They’re towel experts and the best partners around (and it’s not a bad place for business trips!)

Innovative Technology: The best materials call for the best technology. Our towels are woven using an innovative spinning technology that spins the cotton fibers with air. By trapping air within each fiber we have increased the absorbency properties as well as the softness and fluffiness of the towel. Sold yet?

Balanced Weight: We have considered every detail to strike the perfect balance of delight and function. The gsm (translation: weight) of each product was chosen to work best with its intended use. (Washcloths and hand towels weigh in at 500gsm, while bath towels and bath sheets are 650gsm).  Our towels are plush, but not so heavy that they’ll weigh you down or won’t dry by morning. 

Hypoallergenic: Last but not least, our towels are hypoallergenic and shed 4x less than other towels.

The result? Thoughtfully made towels and robes that will remain soft, fluffy and absorbent wash after wash.  As one editor at My Domaine put it, "Months Later, My Favorite Towels are Just as Fluffy as the Day I Got Them."

But it's not just the press, the people have spoken too! Here's what a customer, Ashley, had to say about her towels:

"I will never buy another towel other than Weezie! They are so soft, dry well, and have a little hanger that I can put on my hook to dry - every detail has been thought of! I am hooked!"

Ready to try for yourself? Towel time awaits.

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