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We field a lot of questions on towel care. What is the best way to wash my towels to keep them soft? How often do I wash my towels? Warm or cold water? Fabric softener or no? Here is a round-up of our best tips and tricks to help keep your Weezie towels and robes looking and feeling great!

1. Give them a bath

Wash your towels or robe when they first arrive. It’s tempting to instantly want to #enjoythestay with some towel time, but washing your terry before first use ensures they are fresh and clean. After this first wash, we recommend washing every 3-5 uses.

2. Wash on Cold

Brrr, it’s cold in here. Only wash your Weezie products with cold water. Hot water causes natural materials to shrink and can weaken the fibers (think: less luxe). Cold water will still kill germs and will leave your towels and robes fresher than ever!

3. Dry on low

Weezie towels and robes last longer when tumble dried on low heat. High heat damages the fibers, makes them feel stiff and causes shrinkage. Depending on your dryer, you might have to send them through more than once. We promise it’s worth the wait.

4. Use the hanging loop

We purposely added a loop to our towels for the best drying experience. Whenever your towel time is over, use the loop to hang dry between uses. One of our customer favorites! Tip: make sure they aren’t too crowded so they have room to breathe. If your towels aren’t fully drying between uses it could be a sign they don’t have enough airflow around them, and this could lead to mildew!

5. Snip any loose threads

Since terry is a looped pile fabric it’s normal to have a few pulls occasionally. Give that thread a little snip snip and the robe or towel will be as good as new! You’ll never know it was there.

1. Skip the bleach

We always recommend avoiding chlorine bleach on all of our products as it could affect the quality of the terry in addition to discoloring the piping. Looking for a stain-fighting alternative? We love Branch Basics' Oxygen Boost.

2. No fabric softener

Avoid fabric softener. The goal is soft, fluffy towels and robes that can dry you off, but we already did the work for you. Using fabric softener coats terry with chemicals that actually reduces their absorption. If you continue to dry your products on low, and give them a little shake after the dryer, you’ll never feel the need to use fabric softener.

Tips & Tricks:

I accidentally used fabric softener, now what?!

    • No worries, just add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to your next wash cycle to soften your Weezie. We’ve got you covered!

My towels look dull, help!

Yuck, I smell mildew.

    • If you suspect mildew (smelly towels) wash them with 1 cup of white vinegar and ½ cup of baking soda. The vinegar breaks down buildup while the baking soda neutralizes odor.

When should I replace my towels?

    • The telltale sign a towel needs to be replaced is that musty smell or when it has lost its fluffy, absorbent qualities. High-quality towels should last 1–2 years depending on usage and proper care.

Want even more info?! Check out our FAQs or head over to this Southern Living article, "How To Shop and Care for Bath Towels, According to Two New Experts."

You can also always email or DM us @weezietowels with any of your towel care questions! 


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