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Working in a bathrobe is the reality for those of us who are able to do our jobs from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Working from home can be tricky. It can be tough to stay in the zone, and even tougher to make sure you’re staying sane as you juggle everything. So we rounded up some of our best tips for making the most of your WFH time. Enjoy -- and stay healthy out there! 

  1. Stick with a morning routine and most importantly, GET DRESSED! Some of our favorite morning rituals: exercise, shower, make a cup of coffee or go for a quick walk.

  2. Designate a workspace in your home. 

  3. Take a lunch break away from your desk. In times like this with social distancing, going for a walk might not be an option, but if you’re in an unpopulated area, a walk around the neighborhood can be so refreshing. 

    Tip: If a walk is not an option, open up a window for fresh air or try a new workout video! We love the quick workouts offered on Obe!

  4. Manage expectations with your manager. Go over any process that might be different now that you’re working from home, and make sure you know how you’ll be communicating throughout the day. Weezie HQ stays on top of projects by checking Slack,, conference calls, and EOD email roundups.

  5. Take time to #enjoythestay. Working from home allows the option to be comfortable…  light a candle, open a window, or turn on music (we are loving this playlist created by Man Repeller!) Your surroundings are up to you, so make them as enjoyable as possible!

  6. Shut down at a specific time. Similar to starting the day with a routine, ending the day consistently is just as important! Send a final email to your manager, sign off right at 6pm, or put on your Weezie robe. Whatever it may be, let it happen every night to end your workday!

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