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Your day at the beach is about to get sunnier. We are thrilled to introduce our summer collection in collaboration with Birmingham-based textile & interior designer Heather Chadduck. Her Frond makes for a tropical take on our luxury beach towels, in three hues: french blue, navy, and sage. Consider these towels your new summer staple.

Introducing Weezie x Heather Chadduck

This collaboration is a dream come true for us. Our co-founder and creative director, Liz, put it best:

“Before we even launched Weezie, I had a list of dream collaborations in my head. The second I saw Heather's Frond, I knew I wanted it on a beach towel. The collaboration gods were really watching over me...when we brought the idea to Heather, she was immediately into it! The entire collaboration has been so seamless from beginning to end, and we’ve so valued Heather’s unique and creative perspective. We hope these towels are yet another way for you to #enjoythestay.”

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the collaboration, from concept to completion:

The making of Weezie x HC

  1. Heather sent our Product Development team some fabric swatches and color chips from her textile line, and our team began to nail down the color story.
  2. Colors are chosen and sent to our factory. We make lab dips of all of the colors to get a sense of how the colors will translate on terry.
  3. While testing colors, we are also beginning to design the pattern for the towel. Lucky for us, Heather’s gorgeous Frond provided the perfect starting point. We played around with multiple scales and layouts before landing on the final version.
  4. Time for samples! We receive multiple samples from our factory so we see the different scales, colors, and piping options in real life before making the final call on designs. Production can now begin!
  5. Photoshoot samples arrive and our creative team gets to work on the launch campaign (think: super fun photoshoots.)
  6. The product is shipped and arrives at our warehouse about 16 weeks later. It’s a LONG journey. But so fun!

Now that the collab is finally seeing the sun, we asked Heather a couple of questions about the new collection.

1. What excited you about working with Weezie?  

The invitation to work with Weezie presented itself mid-pandemic! It provided a fun and inspiring scope of work and collaboration while we were all working from home. A tried and true brand of luxury towels seemed like an effortless marriage with our patterns. The attention to detail on this beach towel collection and the quality of the product is something we are very proud of…and photographing them in some of our favorite coastal destinations was the icing on the cake.

2. Tell us about your frond pattern! What’s the origin story?

Our botanical-inspired textile line launched in 2014 with Lillieberrie and Little Bamboo, both hand-screened and printed in the USA. Next came the fronds, both Petite and Grande, who started as a block print and transferred to silkscreens creating linear awning stripes, both small and large but transposed in the application. Most of our patterns are loosely based on actual species, but with an original spin. Printing on natural linen provides a casual elegance that is present in our design work. 

3. Once it’s safe to travel, where are you taking your Weezie + Heather Chadduck beach towels?

I plan to take the towels as many places as possible, as soon as it’s safe to do so. They will be packed in my bags to Round Hill, Jamaica, Bald Head Island, NC, Tulum, Mexico, and a big fluffy stack for our pool and pool house that will be completed before the end of summer.

You can shop our summer collection with Heather Chadduck here. This collection won’t restock, so get yours while you can!

About the Author

Liz Eichholz

Liz Eichholz

Co-Founder & Creative Director
University of Georgia, BFA, Graphic Design
11 years of experience