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Weezie Hype Girl: Pamela Munson

We are celebrating Mother's Day by featuring one of our favorite moms and Weezie Hype Girls: CEO, wife, and mother of three, Pamela Munson. If you've been day dreaming of your next beach day, Pamela is here to help you scratch the itch. In 2017, Pamela left her career in fashion to start her eponymous line of luxury straw hats and bags, Weezie favorite's for any day spent in the sun!

Tell us about yourself and your journey from working at the likes of Chanel and Oscar de la Renta to launching your eponymous handbag line, Pamela Munson.

Thank you for having me. I’m the Founder and CEO of Pamela Munson, a classically inspired straw accessories brand. I’m also a wife and mother of three. 

A good part of my childhood was spent with my grandparents in South Florida and The Bahamas and my grandmother – who was one of my earliest style icons - always carried a straw handbag.  I had thought about doing something with straw for years and had always wanted to explore more of my creative side but my corporate career was moving along nicely so it took many years – and giving birth to my first child - before I got the courage to break from convention and venture off of a corporate path.

I spent 15 years in the NY fashion industry in a sales and merchandising capacity at Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, and Bergdorf Goodman and learned the many facets of managing a fashion business. I started my career in buying and then shifted to wholesale where I could focus more on one singular brand strategy at Chanel. Before launching Pamela Munson in the Spring of 2017, I was Head of U.S. RTW at Oscar de la Renta which was truly my “dream job” if there ever was one. It wasn’t until my daughter, Beatrix, turned one that I started to question what I was doing, how I was spending my time, and looking for greater meaning in my professional life.  All of my corporate roles were very analytical but there was still a creative side to me that was untapped. 

Pamela Munson is now entering into our fourth year of business and we have an exciting year ahead of collaborations and new partnerships.

Weezie + Heather Chadduck Beach Collection

We used some of Pamela's gorgeous straw bags and hats in our recent shoot for our Summer Collection with designer Heather Chadduck. You can shop the collection here.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we’re celebrating all the mom and mom figures in our lives.  We loved learning that your grandmother is a source of inspiration behind Palmela Munson.  How is she reflected in the brand?

Yes, my grandmother was one of my first fashion icons.  I will forever remember her with an orchid in her hair, wearing a flowery dress, and a chic straw handbag.  I was ten when she passed away but I can still smell her perfume and remember her flair for elegant living.  This special time with my grandparents really informed a lot of the collection and its spirit.  Our handbags are expressly classic, with a dash of nostalgia paying homage to the glamour of my grandmother.  There is a vintage feel and nod to the past in everything we do – from the silhouettes to the colors, and imagery. Our designs are much more classic than her style though which is more of my mother’s influence and my own personal taste.

Being a mom is no easy task, especially when you’re running your own business! How do you balance mom life and work-life? Any tips for fellow working moms?

Being a working mom is a very delicate dance and this past year - where professional and personal worlds collide – has taken it to a new level.  I commend all moms out there for performing multiple roles simultaneously and holding it all together.  I’m truly still trying to figure out the right balance and I have three children - Beatrix (6), Agatha (3), and Teddy (6 months). I try to not focus as much on the amount of time we’re together but more on the quality of time.  Mom guilt is hard to avoid but I always feel like you’re a better parent if you are fulfilled in other ways outside of the home and are able to bring your best self to your family.

Pamela and her three children cozy up in their matching Weezie robes. Pamela's long robe is embroidered with "mama" in our Waverly script font. You can shop the look here!

You grew up spending time on your family’s boat, cruising the Bahamas, Florida, and Long Island.  We’re dreaming of a Pamela Munson-inspired bathroom aboard the Three Hearts! What are your nautical-inspired Weezie picks?

Sounds dreamy. I would love to go back in time and relive childhood moments. I adore your towels and robes and love the classic Piped Edge Hand Towels in navy with Crosby monogram for the bathroom. The Weezie x Heather Chadduck Beach Towels would be the perfect finishing touch on the deck!

How do you make sure you are enjoying your stay on the daily?

One could say that I’ve been enjoying my stay too much!  Ha!  Working from home offers a whole new level of comfort and indulgence.  I have been wearing exercise clothes since early last year- although I’m not exercising! - and now even six months postpartum.  Pairing chocolate with my afternoon cappuccino, going to the bakery more than just on Saturday mornings, saying yes to carbs, buying fresh flowers weekly, making time for the face mask and warm bubble bath.  All yes.  In a year where our world turned upside down and looked so unfamiliar, I try to find comfort in simple pleasures and appreciate the beauty in little things.

Pamela's Mother's Day Gift Picks:

Which Pamela Munson bag are you grabbing for...

  • A coffee run: The Gardner Tote.  It’s one of my favorite bags we’ve ever made.
  • Date night:  La Fleur Clutch.  It’s the perfect size and I love the whimsical  floral embroidery.
  • A day at the beach: Petite Isla Bahia Lace in Sand. I love the neutral ribbon with lace overlay.  So soft and feminine and instantly elevates any beach look.

Thank you, Pamela! Want to do some Mother's Day shopping of your own? Long Robes and Starter Packs are a gifting no-brainer, and you can shop our entire collection of mom-worthy gifts here.


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