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Natalie Steen does it all – she is the creative brain behind one of our favorite newsletters, The Nat Note, a lawyer, founder of her own brand of children's resort wear, and a mom! And she manages it all with impeccable charm and style. We had the pleasure of catching up with Natalie and got to talk about all things style, time management, and her new business. Enjoy!

Tell us a bit about yourself! You were born in Miami; how did you make your way to Houston? 

Short answer: LOVE! Long answer: I’m Cuban American and was born and raised in Miami, FL. I went to undergrad at the University of Virginia, where I met my husband, who is from Texas. After we graduated in 2011, we both moved to Houston and I worked for Teach for America before heading to Philadelphia for law school at UPenn. By the time I graduated in 2016, we were engaged and I knew Houston would be home.


"I remember the decision to start putting myself 'out there' as a scary one. But it ended up becoming more than just an outlet and I’ve never regretted it."


In addition to being the brains behind one of our favorite weekly newsletters, The Nat Note, you’re also a full-time lawyer and an entrepreneur (more to come on that later!) Tell us about the genesis of The Nat Note (formerly Up the Get Up.) What tips do you have for those of us in need of a creative outlet?

The Nat Note was ironically born around the same time as my legal career. I was working crazy hours as a new lawyer and needed a hobby that would keep me entertained (awake) between assignments. I’ve always been a shopper and I’ve always had a creative bug - so these combined with my high school-level proficiency in Photoshop seemed like a fun way to fill the “void”. 

In truth, I remember the decision to start putting myself “out there” as a scary one. But it ended up becoming more than just an outlet and I’ve never regretted it. So my advice for those in need of a creative outlet is to do anything but ignore that need. Not only can indulging in your craft be therapeutic, but the potential to use it to grow and connect with others can provide personal fulfillment in exciting ways you don’t anticipate.

All of us at Weezie HQ subscribe to The Nat Note and look forward to its arrival in our Monday morning inbox! We love that you share items we haven’t seen elsewhere and that everything centers around a great theme or two.  How do you source your picks? We’d love to hear more about your creative process!

It makes me so happy to hear that! The process for putting together a newsletter mirrors the way I online shop - lots of perusing, rabbit holes & deal-sourcing. I compile links to products that catch my eye as I shop throughout the week. On Sundays, after Whit (my son) goes to sleep, I create the collages - the “Notes” - that I share on Monday mornings.

When shopping for yourself and your home, how do you make sure to keep your style unique and personal while also staying classic and investing in pieces that will stand the test of time?

The secret recipe is there is no recipe. But I do think it boils down to being interesting - not simply chasing trends, but incorporating elements that have character (whether because of their particular aesthetic, history, or personal meaning) to your canvas, so to speak. Whether it’s for myself or my home, I don’t get as fixated on a single piece as I do on how best to layer it with what I already have. I’m also in favor of throwing out the question “does this look crazy?” and instead ask yourself “will I still think this is cool in 10 years?”


"The secret recipe is there is no recipe. But I do think it boils down to being interesting - not simply chasing trends, but incorporating elements that have character to your canvas, so to speak."


We cannot get enough of your fabulous new collection of resort wear for little ones, Polimita Club. Congratulations on the recent launch! Can you tell us a bit more about the brand? What can we expect down the road from Polimita Club?

Thank you! Polimita Club is a collection of resort wear for children made from vintage and retro-inspired fabrics. Each piece is limited edition and made in Texas from salvaged fabrics with prints that are reminiscent of the 60s and 70s (think of a scene from a Slim Aarons book - and now think of what the little ones would be wearing). 

The Polimita Club mascot is a snail, which is fitting since the brand is taking it slow (for now). Having just launched in early March, local trunk show plans have been put on pause - but we are taking advantage of this time by stocking up on groovy fabrics and building up inventory. Exciting things and more to shop (whether virtually or in-person) to come!

Like many Weezie gals, you are constantly being pulled in a hundred different directions and managing countless tasks on a given day. We have a feeling you have some expert tips up your sleeve for managing your time! What are some of your tried and true tips for prioritizing all of your to-dos?

If you’re in the business of doing many things at once, my tip is to maximize your time. The billable-hours requirement of lawyer life impressed the importance of productivity on me. This “don’t waste a minute” mentality is fueled with lots of multitasking, to-do lists, and not sitting still. Of course, it’s crucial to not push your output to an unsustainable level - so equally important is pressing pause, taking time off & remembering family is always priority numero uno.

How do you make sure you are enjoying your stay on the daily?

Lately “the stay” has become the mandated norm, which presents an interesting take on the Weezie hashtag! Perhaps now more than ever, there is something to be said about finding enjoyment while sitting still (even when we don’t want to be). I do this by reveling in the extra time I have at home with Whit, cooking with my husband, and spending time outside. Oh, and having a cocktail in my Weezie robe at the end of the remote work day ;)

Quick Fire: 

Current brand crushes:

@LaDoubleJ, @veronicabeard, @brentnealejewelry 

Favorite interior designers to follow on Instagram:

@katieridderinc, @alexkaehlerdesign, @lizcaan & @maxsinsteden

Favorite artists to follow on Instagram:

Too many to choose from - love so many of the artists that @ig_art features. Some personal favorites whose work adorn my walls include @matt_kleberg, @kellyoconnor_art & @dadsoldcamera 

Favorite recipe

Sue Haden’s Pumpkin Muffins - a recipe from a college friend’s mom that I associate with the glory days and the start of my favorite season.

Favorite cocktail:

Gin martini 

Favorite place you've traveled:


Last show you binge-watched, last book you read, or last podcast episode you really loved:

Late to the game, but just binge-watched Fleabag and loved it. I also have been loving listening to Armchair Expert during walks around the neighborhood. 

Any favorite songs you are listening to this summer?

The “My Love and Music” album by Ebo Taylor is the best summer playlist, hands down

Favorite coffee table book:

Cabana Anthology

Natalie's Weezie Pick:

Our patterned long robe in the Gigi print.

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