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After our kitchen towel launch this year, we knew we had to chat with Eunice Byun, CEO and Co-founder of cookware brand Material Kitchen. Scroll on to learn more about our newest Hype Girl and what Weezie products are a must for her towel time!

Tell us a little about yourself!
I grew up in San Diego, but have been in NYC for the past 16 years. I’m the mother of two amazing girls, ages 7 and 2.5, and the co-founder of Material, the go-to destination for today’s home cooks. I love all things food and design, and am one of the 21 million people who picked up tennis during the pandemic. 

What keeps you busy? Do you have any fun projects coming up?
We’re always dreaming up new categories in the kitchen to explore at Material. This holiday, we’re dropping two brand new collections on November 8 which I cannot wait for. Outside of the office, I am a compartmentalizer in that I try to leave work at work, but somehow everything tends to come back to food. Earlier this year, I launched Banchan Box Party with a few good friends where we fundraise through Korean side dishes cooked by amazingly talented food influencers. I also serve as the shuttle for my kids to their weekend sporting activities, which is just as exciting as it sounds!

How do you slow down and #enjoythestay?
Growing up in California, I spent a lot of time outside being active. So my slow down time usually involves something physical like playing tennis or doing pilates. My co-founder, Dave, is also a tennis player so we’ll try and break away from the office to play a game, which is good for both our mental health but also our friendship.

Current brand crush?
I’d have to say Patagonia. When the news hit that their founder was giving away the company’s profits to fight climate change, it was a good reminder that profits and purpose can work together - it’s not one or the other. We have been focused on supporting organizations that are at the intersection of under-served communities and food issues since day one, and Patagonia is the GOAT in my book when it comes to purpose-driven organizations.

Favorite interior designer or design inspo on Instagram right now?
I love what Grace Lee Lim is doing in bringing Korean touches to a Californian aesthetic. It pretty much sums up my identity in a nutshell!

What's one piece of advice you'd give your younger self (other than invest in luxury bath towels 😉)?
Travel as much as you can! When I was younger, I was so laser focused on my career. I wish the wanderlust bug had bit me earlier because now, with a business and two young kids, it’s not as easy as it once was! 

Towel Time dreaming: Favorite place you've traveled and why?
Lisbon, Portugal. I love the culture, the seafood, the wine, the energy - all of it!

Towel Time entertainment: Last show you binge-watched, last book you read, or last podcast episode you really loved?
Oh my goodness, is it totally ridiculous to say that I binge-watched Bling Empire Season Three in no time? 

Quick takes:

Bath or shower: Shower - that’s all I have time for!

Towel time is quick & nonsense or an indulgent time: Indulgent time - good towels are a treat and I am here for it.

Bath time buddy: No one. It’s my time.

Bedtime story: What my older daughter enjoyed from her day. 

Weezie for me: The bath robe transports me to a luxurious spa, which is where I want to be right now!

Weezie I’m gifting and to whom? The bath towels for my girlfriends because we all deserve them as a treat in our lives.

Famous last words (your mantra or the best advice you’ve ever received): Tomorrow is a new day.



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