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Emily Hertz is an Atlanta-based, NYC born lifestyle blogger with a knack for interior styling and an affinity for all things beautiful. The former Director of Marketing at Spanx is now the creative eye behind one our favorite blogs, Born on Fifth. Emily recently expanded her creative ventures to include her new lifestyle shop, Bows & Blue. 

We’re so inspired by your incredible career path.  What can you tell us about your time at Spanx?

Thank you! I started at Spanx when I was 21 (!) and straight out of school. The company was still pretty small and I thrived in the entrepreneurial, share your ideas, we’re all in this together environment...I felt like I earned my MBA on the fly! Sara Blakely and then-CEO Laurie Ann Goldman were amazing role models and bosses. They gave me a seat at the table at a young age and for that, I’m forever grateful.

Were there any key lessons you took away that you apply now in your role as the brains and creative behind Born on Fifth & Bows and Blue?

Trust your gut! It’s one of the phrases that Sara said time and time again. I’m working on being more analytical but I feel like I have a pretty good pulse on what I’m doing because of gut instinct and the school of Spanx.

If you were to sum up your style in a few prints & products, what are you picking?

  • Wallpaper: Bowood and Hampton Garden! Don’t make me choose. 
  • China pattern: Burleigh Asiatic Pheasants
  • Weezie embroidery style: I think I’ll always be a River gal. 
  • Any others - fashion, home, otherwise!: Bows, ruffles, florals... I love all things feminine, ethereal and sophisticated.

Let's talk about your beautiful home! We can’t get enough of it, and it’s so hard to pick favorites! If you had to...

  • Your most lived-in room? Our kitchen! We redesigned it prior to moving it and it’s truly perfect. 
  • Your most loved piece of furniture?  I live on our chintz sofa! 
  • Your most cherished work of art? I bought Elle’s class painting at auction last year. She worked on the piece with @sallykingbenedict who is a fellow mom at our school! We lucked out. 
  • The go-to entertaining accessory? The prettiest napkins from @bowsandblue!

Onto your precious little ones! What design element do you love most about Elle and Jennings’ rooms or bathrooms?

I love Elle’s beautiful floral headboard. The perfect place for sweet dreams! For Jennings, we had the walls in the nursery faux painted to be the prettiest gingham. I love his space.

Do you have any favorite bed or bath time rituals? What are some of your favorite bath time products for kids?

  • Bath toys: ALL of our toys get moldy. Does anyone have a secret they can let me in on?
  • Bed time book: On the Night You Were Born
  • Kids’ pajama: Elle’s current favorite pair is this Lake’s Short Set
  • Kid-safe soap: I can’t wait to try Paloroma, the cutest new kids' soap brand.

Elle and Jennings have matching Lil' Weezie Bathrobes with light blue gingham piping, the perfect match for Jennings' precious nursery. :)

How do you enjoy the stay? 

Lately, enjoying fancy takeout on melamine plates, wrapping gifts in tissue paper (have you tried it? highly recommend), letting Elle have snacks for dinner, wearing workout clothes on days I don’t exercise, staying in my bathrobe all day even though my baby is too old for that to be an excuse, drinking fine wine on a Wednesday and giving gifts to anyone and everyone (namely my four year old) just because.

Elle's and Jennings' bath set is made complete with Lil' Weezie children's hooded towels and a luxe terry bathrobe to match for mama!

Quick Fire:

Emily's go-to fashion brands: Loveshackfancy, Agua Bendita, Beulah London

Go-to fashion brands for Elle & Jennings: Dondolo, La Coqueta and everything on Maisonette.

Recent splurge for home: The prettiest chest, complete with bows!

Recent save for home: Shelves for my Bows & Blue office from my favorite: Target!

Your Favorite...

  • Bath product: This reminds me, I need to find bath salts I like! 
  • Bathroom accessory: Elle has the most gorgeous porcelain bathroom dishes! From tissue box cover to tooth-mug (yes, that’s what it’s called!). You can now shop them on Bows & Blue, they’re that good! 
  • Towel time read: Love a good magazine-in-hand experience, though I’m usually catching up on Instagram truth be told! 
  • Towel time sip: A glass of Prisoner, my favorite bottle of wine!

When you need to get inspired...

Want to see more of Emily's gorgeous home? You're in luck, we featured her home in a recent interview with her interior designer Clary Bosbyshell. Get all the inspiration here! 




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