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Tell us a bit about yourself and Dondolo! 

I’m a true creative who appreciates classic design and finds beauty in the details. I’m also a mom to four beautiful boys, Santiago, Luis, Jaime and Roberto. When I had my first son, I was enjoying every moment of being a new mom but felt something was missing. Dondolo was born from a desire to give back, but it was also a way for me to grow and explore my creative side. All of our clothing is made by women in my native country of Colombia, helping them earn the funds they need to support their families. I love knowing that we’re making a difference in these women’s lives!

Incredible! Originally, Dondolo was thought to be a small website only you would be managing. Talk us through when you knew you had to make your first hire and expand your biz! 

When I started Dondolo, I had the drive and passion to start a business, but I was missing the know-how. I simply started by walking into boutiques and sharing my product with the owners. After a few local shops began buying and selling my clothing, I decided to make my first hire to help grow the wholesale business. Thanks to God and my amazing team, my idea evolved into something much bigger. 

Today we sell direct to consumer which has allowed us to understand and connect with our customer on a deeper level. It’s been an amazing adventure!

Dondolo was inspired after you had your first son, Santiago. Now you have four boys running around! Any tips for working moms?!

Be flexible and give yourself grace! In other words, create a schedule but don’t be constrained by it. As a working mom, it’s nearly impossible to be accessible, present and responsive 24/7. I’ve also learned to anticipate change – from my sons’ doctors appointments to last-minute design meetings. I’m upfront with my team about my time and adapt as needed. Allowing myself this flexibility has freed me from feeling guilty about dividing my time.  

After a long day of dreaming up new collections for Dondolo, what does your bath time routine with your little ones look like?

All of my boys take showers and baths in my bathroom. At the end of the day my two older boys jump in the shower together while I give the youngest two a bath. It’s a quick and crazy 15-minute routine (there’s literally water everywhere!) but I love it and know these special moments won’t last forever.

Our customers are always asking for gifting recommendations.  Baby Showers are no exception, which was part of the reason we launched Lil Weezie! We think Dondolo + Weezie would make for the ultimate gift for mama to be ;) Can you pair a few of your favorite Dondolo items with Lil Weezie? 

The Lil Weezie Bathrobes are super sweet! I would pair the light pink or blue gingham robe (monogrammed of course) with our Emma and Crosby swim pieces – it’s the perfect combination for a day at the pool.   

I also think the baby hooded towels are a must have for any new mom. I’d pair the hooded towel with one of our baby bubbles for the sweetest baby shower gift. 

How do you make sure you are enjoying your stay on the daily? (#enjoythestay is Weezie’s brand hashtag that’s all about celebrating moments of delight in the everyday! Think: using the nice china daily, opening up a great bottle of wine on a Tuesday, drying off with the nice towels!)

There’s nothing better than a bath at the end of a long day. I love drying off in my Weezie Short Robe and enjoying a little moment to myself after my boys have gone to bed.

Quick Fire:

Current brand crushes? Tory Sport or Alo Yogo tennis skirts, and Marysia’s new sport line. I’ve been playing a lot of tennis lately!

Johanna Ortiz, always! Her dresses and designs are so beautiful. (@johannortizofficial)

Favorite artist to follow on Instagram?








Go-to bath time toys? A stackable cup set that came in one of our Lovevery Play Kits – we love all their toys! 

Favorite bedtime book for the boys? Right now we’re loving What the Road Said by Cleo Wade. 

Weezie Pick for you: The Women’s Short Robe! The Blue Stripe with a coral monogram is my current favorite. 

Weezie Pick for the boys: The Piped Edge Bath Towel with light blue piping. I love personalizing them with the boys names so that they each have and use their own towel.

My husband is also a huge fan of the Bath Sheet!

All images courtesy of Jessica Isaacs Photography.


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