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In honor of our new registry, we’re showcasing some brides who made Weezie a part of their big day. We want allll the details: how they met their special someone, what the planning process was like, and – of course – how these brides #enjoythestay. 

Today, Scesny Mathis, a Type-A party planner from Boston who gifted her bridesmaids custom Weezie robes on the big day.

Hit us with all the details! How did you and your husband meet? How did he propose?
Mike and I met while both living in NYC, during a large snowstorm in January of 2016 (Winter Storm Jonas!). We both happened to be at one of the only bars that was open in the West Village that day, I was there with a few girlfriends and he was there with guy friends, and we all became snow day bar buddies. He asked me out for that following Wednesday for drinks and we have been together ever since! He proposed in May of 2018.  We had already planned to move to Boston together, and he proposed on our last night in NYC. He did it while walking along the West Side Highway, something we did a lot when we first started dating, and after, there was a crowd of our friends and family waiting to celebrate at that very same bar we met! 

What did you enjoy most about the wedding planning process?
Honestly the whole thing was pretty magical, but I would have to say my favorite part was all of the time I got to spend with my mom. She and I are both Type A party planners, and we both had so much fun bouncing ideas off of each other. Living in different cities, I definitely don’t get to see her and my dad as much as I would like, and the wedding was the perfect excuse to see them both a ton! 

"Honestly the whole thing was pretty magical, but I would have to say my favorite part was all of the time I got to spend with my mom."

How do you and your husband #enjoythestay (especially during the craziness of wedding planning!) 
Mike and I are large proponents of #enjoythestay - Boston winters are no joke, and to be very honest our favorite Friday night activity between November and April consists of Weezie robes, wine, movies and not leaving the house. 

Let’s get to it: Registry! Other than Weezie towels of course, what product(s) are you most excited about from your Registry? 
I love to cook and bake, so I loved the excuse to re-outfit our kitchen with all new Le Creuset items, I chose them all to be in the Marseille blue!

I will also embarrassingly admit to have not purchased a single new wine glass since college, so there have been a few times where we have had to drink wine out of coffee mugs (don’t tell my mom!). I took our registry opportunity to add many! For more everyday use we included beautiful White, Red and Champagne glasses from Zalto, and for formal use we included William Yeoward Crystal. I cannot wait for both! 

Any obscure or unexpected items you (or more likely, your husband!) insisted you register for?
My older brother and his wife cannot say better things about their ChiliPad system - it is a hydro powered mattress pad that lets you change the temperature on either side of the bed! Mike and I have been intrigued by this for a while, and were so excited to add it to our registry!   

I also selfishly had been eyeing the Dyson Airwrap Styler, I’ve never been able to properly curl my hair by myself, and was hoping this might be able to help me! I added it to our registry (maybe without Mike’s supervision…) and one of my bridesmaids did end up getting this for us! She hilariously said in her card to Mike that it is also a gift for him because he would get to look at my fresh curls. It’s my favorite thing in the land (other than my Weezie towels and robe of course!), I highly recommend it. 

We LOVE that you gifted your bridesmaids Weezie robes! Tell us why you picked the robe length (long), piping color (light blue), and embroidery style (Crosby) that you did!
One of my very sweet bridesmaids got me the limited edition Weezie and India Amory robe for my bridal shower, and its fluffiness is truly beyond compare. It is also so easy to wash, and retains its softness after continuous washes. I love the various pajamas I’ve received from being in weddings, but I’ve found that - (and quite possibly from me washing them the wrong way) they tend to lose their softness after washing them. When I then found out that Weezie was going to be making customizable robes, it was the easiest choice! I chose the longer length due to our wedding being in December, and wanted them to have a cozier, Christmas vibe. The light blue piping was perfect as it fit in with our wedding colors perfectly. I also wanted to keep the theme classic and clean, and the Crosby embroidery style really worked well for that. I still wear mine every night before bed!

Scesny chose our long robe with light blue piping, Crosby embroidery, and light blue thread.

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