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In honor of our new registry, we’re showcasing some brides who made Weezie a part of their big day. We want allll the details: how they met their special someone, what the planning process was like, and – of course – how these brides #enjoythestay. 

Today, Mary Shaffer, a part of the Weezie fam, is excited to gift her soon to be husband our bath sheets.

Hit us with all the details! How did you and your husband meet? How did he propose? 
Taylor and I met at the University of Virginia, where we were introduced by a member of the UVA staff to help lead our Class Giving effort. From our first meeting, I was smitten with him (and being the nerd that I am, his grandiose vocabulary) and have been ever since!

Taylor proposed in spring of 2019 in our happiest of places, the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas. He surprised me while on a walk with a glorious view of the ocean, sun shining and Goombay Smashes in hand. We spent the rest of the day celebrating at Nipper’s epic Sunday pig roast (where a little-known couple @justinbieber and @haileybieber also celebrated their betrothment a few months earlier…!)

What have you enjoyed most about the wedding planning process?
Planning a wedding in Napa has been nothing short of fabulous! It’s been so much fun dreaming up ways to create (what we hope) will be a memorable weekend for all of our guests, full of great company, food and wine (just a few of our favorite things!) 

I have always been a sucker for all things beautiful paper, so our invitation suite design has been particularly exciting. We worked with @dixiedesign on our save the date and the oh-so-talented @ashleydstudio on our crest to set the tone for our Fourth of July wine country garden party bash.

How do you and your husband #enjoythestay (especially during the craziness of wedding planning!)?
Given our choice of wedding destination, it probably comes as no surprise that we love a great bottle of wine! Taylor is an incredible cook, and we love nothing more than a delicious meal (often courtesy of @halfbakedharvest) and a bottle of wine on a random weeknight (it’s also made it much easier to coax him into wedding planning after a glass or two!) Our wine fridge is currently full of @anthillfarms Pinot - a favorite! We also visited Napa’s @ashesxdiamonds on our last trip: we definitely recommend it for a unique tasting experience!

Your Weezie picks!

I’ve created a bit of a monster - Taylor has officially been spoiled by Weezie towels! (True story: he recently confessed to drying off with a Weezie washcloth when our bath towels were in the wash.  Better a washcloth than the backup towels!) It’s time I got him his own, so I’m gifting him:

  • Product: Bath Sheets (perfect for 6’4’’ Taylor!)
  • Piping or stitch color: Navy
  • Thread color: Navy
  • Embroidery style: River
  • Embroidery text: Sealey

Pick one of each:

  • For newlywed towels, I’m going:
    • New monogram a bit tough for us double name gals! I love the symmetry of MSW (S being my new last initial!) so that’s what we’re going with.
    • New last name, spelled out
  • For our shared towels,
    • I’m designating his and hers!  Light blue for me, navy for Taylor!
    • What’s mine is ours :)
  • Here’s to celebrating! I’m most excited for:
    • Bridal shower
    • Engagement party 
  • For bridesmaids robes, I’d pick:
    • Long robes
    • Short robes I’m holding out for our printed robes coming later this Spring! (Sorry to ruin the surprise friends)

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