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Welcome to the ultimate guide on towel sizes, where we help you understand the dimensions and uses of various towels to ensure you make the perfect choice for your needs. Whether you’re stocking up your bathroom or searching for a thoughtful gift, knowing the right towel size is essential.

Table of Contents

  1. Bath Towel Size
  2. Hand Towel Size
  3. Beach Towel Size
  4. Washcloth Size
  5. Makeup & Face Towel Size
  6. Kitchen Towel Size
  7. Choosing the Right Towels

Bath Towel Size

Dimensions: Typically, bath towels measure about 27x52 inches. Our luxury bath towels are designed for drying off after a shower or bath. They are large enough to wrap around the body but not so large as to be unwieldy. For those who prefer a larger option, bath sheets are available, which offer more coverage. Our bath towels are soft to the touch, beautifully designed, and thoughtfully crafted with a ready-to-hang loop. Made from high-quality organic cotton, our luxurious bath towels come in a variety of colors for every taste and personality.

Hand Towel Size

Dimensions: Hand towels usually come in at around 16x30 inches. Enhance your bathroom with luxury hand towels from Weezie. Made in Portugal from 100% organic cotton, our high-quality hand towels are plush, and absorbent, and feature a hanging loop to help them dry faster. These towels are perfect for drying hands and commonly hang near sinks in bathrooms and kitchens. Their size makes them convenient for quick, easy access. Plus, they can be embroidered with a monogram, word, or phrase of your choice to create a truly bespoke experience. Perfect for everyday use, choose a style you love and pick up a distinct pair of luxury guest towels to spoil friends and family when they visit. Experience the ultimate in comfort and elegance with designer-quality luxury decorative hand towels and enjoy free shipping on your order of $200 or more.

Powder Bath Towel Size

Dimensions: Powder Bath Towels often measure approximately 14.5x8 inches. Smaller than our Hand Towels, bigger than our Washcloths, they’re juuust right for packing a punch in the powder and beyond. Designed with the hostess in mind, our newest-sized towel is Weezie’s alternative to the classic fingertip or guest towel. Featuring a combination of absorbent terry and flatweave cotton fabric edged in a confetti-like whipstitch, these towels bring the party to your powder. 

Beach Towel Size

Dimensions: Beach towels often measure approximately 30x60 inches. Our luxury, oversized beach towels are plush, but cut close so you don’t pick up any extra sand. Larger than bath towels, beach towels provide ample space to lounge on the sand or dry off after a swim in the ocean. Their size is perfect for covering a sunbed or wrapping up after a dip.

Washcloth Size

Dimensions: Washcloths are typically 13x13 inches. Small and square, washcloths are ideal for facial cleansing or applying body wash during a shower. They’re also handy for quick clean-ups or as a gentle option for babies. Complete your towel set with a matching pair of washcloths to hang by your sink or to use in the shower.

Makeup & Face Towel Size

Dimensions: These towels are generally smaller, around 8.5x8.5 inches. Makeup towels are specifically designed to remove makeup without staining, while face towels are soft and just the right size for patting the face dry after cleansing. Our luxury makeup towels are 13x13 inches. They are the perfect towels to wash the day off. 

Kitchen Towel Size

Dimensions: Kitchen towels usually measure about 19x17 inches. These kitchen towels feature our first-ever combination fabric: patterned flatweave cotton on the front and absorbent terry on the back. The result? Chef’s kiss-levels of functionality and style. Complete with a handy hanging loop for quicker drying, beautiful scalloped edges, and optional embroidery, these styles earn the coveted spot on the stove.

Choosing the Right Towels

When selecting towels, consider the intended use—whether it’s for comfort after a bath, convenience in the kitchen, or relaxation at the beach. The material is also crucial; it ensures softness and durability. Remember, the right towel can elevate any ordinary day into a luxurious experience.

Weezie Towels offers a variety of sizes to fit every need, crafted with care from the finest materials. Personalize your experience with monogrammed options and enjoy the stay the Weezie way—where luxury meets everyday life.

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