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Even if we weren’t social distancing, it’s just about time for a good old-fashioned spring cleaning. And since we’re pretty much quarantined and spending all our time at home – there’s extra reason to make your home a little more organized and comfortable to live in. The problem is, it can be hard to know how to start, where to start, and how to make sure your organizational system will stick. So we brought in a professional. Lisa Jacobs is a professional organizer and the founder of Imagine It Done, her organization company.

We did a spring cleaning week with Lisa last year, so we thought we’d bring back some of the highlights for inspo.  

Linen Closet Spring Cleaning:

Step one: Edit and Curate
Take everything out of your closet, categorize in bins, and edit.

Step two: Love your towels
Make sure you have luxury towels worthy of sitting in a perfectly organized linen closet (Weezie can help ;))

Weezie Tip: It is also very important to know when to replace your luxury towels or how often you should be doing so. We suggest replacing your towels every 1-2 years.  Another telltale sign is when your plush towels start to smell like mildew. Learn more here

Step three: Fold or roll your towels
Lisa prefers rolling! (If you’re not sure how to roll your towel, keep reading! Lisa shows her rolling skills below! )

Step four: Fold linens all together
Wrap your duvet, sheets, and pillowcases all together in one single stack.

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When and how did you start your business?

After moving my family countless times, I discovered an innate ability to organize whatever chaos came my way. Editing, packing, unpacking, and arranging became my passion in life. What began as a hobby, turned into a business of my own incorporated in 2004.

What advice do you have for someone who loves organization and wants to turn it into a business?

Start training with an organizer. Even though you are organized for yourself and your friends, working professionally in a structured business is challenging, overwhelming, and fascinating.

Can you list your fav products?

Acrylic Stackable organizers

Yamazaki Tosca Bin

Madesmart organizer

Multi-purpose bin

Medicine cabinet riser

Lisa is one of our favorite Instagram follows! Learn all her tips and tricks on

Where should you start organizing your house?

I would start in the room which is the most disorganized, which is typically the kitchen or master closet. PSA, once you start, you will not want to stop.

Organizing seems so daunting. What are baby steps for getting started?

First step, take a deep breath and pour a glass of wine. On a serious note, start in one space. Do not think you are tackling your entire home in one day. Start by taking everything out, editing, and categorizing. The hardest part is the beginning. Once you start, the rest will roll.

When you have a chunk of time, how do you spend your towel time?

In between my 24/7 schedule, towel time is best spent with my kids - my daughter Emily, my two sons Jesse and Eric, and my pup Frankie. We sit down on the couch with a glass of white wine and binge the classics - “Parent Trap”, “Something’s Gotta Give”, and “Love, Actually”.

Are you team Roller or Folder?

Lisa’s Organizational Tips and Tricks:

  • Revisit your linen closet each month for a refresh
  • Always have a trash bag by your side while editing.
  • Categorize your bins based on your lifestyle and what makes sense for YOU.
  • Lisa recommends 2 washcloths, 2 hand towels, 2 bath towels, and 2 bath sheets or 1 robe per adult.

Other Sources With Great Tips:

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Keeping your linen closet organized is step number one. Step number two is making sure your linen closet goods (aka your plush Weezie towels) are properly laundered. Learn, "The Right Way to Wash Your Towels," in this House Beautiful article. 

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