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You’re stuck at home. We’re stuck at home. So why not use this time to make your home into a place you actually *want* to be quarantined? It can be hard to know where to start, or what little touches will do the most to make your space into the most comfortable, functional home it can be. So we brought in an expert: Clary Bosbyshell. She’s an interior designer based in Atlanta, and she spent more than a decade honing her design eye before starting her own firm last year. Clary is all about timeless styles that mix in antiques and unique pieces – which you don’t have to order online. We asked Clary about how she got her start and what we should all keep in mind as we attempt to make our spaces more comfortable for the long haul.

How did you get started in interior design?
I grew up in the world of design, my mother, Margaret Bosbyshell of Margaux Interiors Limited (@margauxinteriorslimited) is a designer. I spent my childhood watching her and going to the design center and antique stores. She refined my eye at a young age and always surrounded me with beauty.

What is your favorite part of your home?
I love our family room and laundry room.  I recently recovered all the upholstery in our family room to make it lighter and brighter. 

I love the gathered skirts on the swivel chairs and the mix of blues. Wallpaper can instantly change a space. I love the paper in our laundry room, it makes the chore of laundry so much more tolerable in a beautiful space.

Where is the best place to invest when decorating your home?
Splurge on nice upholstery! It will last you years longer and once the fabric wears out you can recover it. Also, spend your money on beautiful antiques. One of a kind pieces make a space unique, layered and beautiful.

Where do you look for a good deal?
To find great deals check out auctions for antiques and special one of a kind pieces. 

The chairs pictured here are from Christies

What are 3 quick and easy home updates we can all make during coronavirus?

  • Paint- the paint stores are open during the coronavirus! Painting walls is pretty easy, changing your paint color can make an instant transformation. 
  • Rearrange- Move furniture or lamps around to new spaces to give them a new life! 
  • Declutter - clean out those closets and drawers, an organized home always feels better

What are some of your favorite fabric and wallpaper brands?

Favorite Floral Wallpaper?
Bonne Peche From Pierre Frey (I used this as my envelope liner in my wedding invitations!) and Botanical Wisteria from Cole and Son. 

Go-to bathroom towel bar, towel ring, and hardware?
Rohl Hardware In Bathrooms!

Favorite small businesses to support right now? 
I’m trying to support all local businesses right now and move away from bigger boxed retailers. There are so many wonderful ones, some off the top of my head: Ann Mashburn, W.Port, Shop the Avenue, India Armory, Gramercy Fine Linens, and local favorite restaurants. 

Favorite embroidery style from Weezie? 
My favorite style from Weezie is River!

Dream wallpaper for a powder room?
Gosh! What a hard one to Name! I have a stack of dream wallpapers…… But Gracie is always number one on my list :)

Powder Room Moodbard

Tips for using multiple patterns within a space?
I love layering patterns and colors! I don’t always think these patterns or colors need to match perfectly. When using florals I always like to add in say a check or stripe and then a smaller floral.

What is your Weezie Patterned Robe pick?!
I chose the Tullie pattern in the long version!

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