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This fall, we introduced a new addition to our collection — bath mats. Inspired by our own search for the perfect bathroom accessory, we took the favorite qualities of our coveted towels and turned them into the softest place to land post-shower and bath. 

Weezie's new Bath Mat

Plush, absorbent, and quick-drying, with the option to personalize and choose your piping color. They’re dotted with non-slip grips on the reverse side to help your mat stay in place. Fun fact: our Product Development team spent two years refining the discreet non-slip grips and created a mat where function meets design.

Our friend Britt Franklin at Apartment Therapy recently put it to the test. The verdict? A five-star review:

"The Piped Edge Bath Mat takes what we love about Weezie Towels and incorporates it for another use. My first impression was that the bath mat felt nice and plush under my feet. I loved that it had grips covering the bottom to keep it in place and a discreet loop to hang it up to dry when it’s not in use. But it wasn’t until I stepped out of the shower that I really got a feel for how brightly the Weezie bath mat shines. The bath mat is super absorbent and somehow feels even softer after a bath. It even dries quickly!"

Before trying it out, Britt self-admittedly avoided white bath mats until she found this one. It’s as easy as wash, dry, use, repeat...

"Taking proper care of white linens has made me anxious for most of my life. I know it’s just a matter of following cleaning instructions, but the entire process has seemed more high maintenance than I was willing to endure. I don’t buy a lot of white clothes, and when it comes to white towels? Forget about it. I thought after a few uses, it would start to show signs of a week’s worth of hard work, but it didn’t get gross and grimy like most other bath mats."

The often overlooked part of your otherwise mundane routine just got an upgrade. You never know you need one, well, until you need it!

Read the full review on Apartment Therapy, and shop our bath mats.



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