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We recently launched a limited edition collaboration of Hand Towels and Bathroom Accessories with Susan Gordon Pottery. To celebrate the launch, we chatted with the Susan herself to get the scoop on her inspiration (as well as her go-to gift this holiday season!)

Tell us a little about yourself!

Hey y’all! I’m Susan Gordon and I am a creator at heart! I have a voracious appetite to design and love having something new to work on, pretty much at all times. I have two kiddos, Maison (girl, 7) and Maddox (boy, 4) that keep me busy and on my toes. My husband, Jace, and my fam and I live in Homewood, the most charming suburb in Birmingham, Alabama. 

What keeps you busy?  

Besides work, my fam and I stay pretty busy with after school activities, sports, and birthday parties. I love volunteering in my community (Homewood), and especially love helping serve a local organization called The Bell Center that provides therapy, education, and help for kiddos with special needs 3 and under. My husband and I helped plant a new church two years ago and are still pretty involved in that as well. My husband would SO poke fun at me and tell y’all my social calendar is kind of wild. My enneagram 7 self loves to go and do, and go and do some more. 

How do you slow down and #enjoythestay?

I absolutely love a delicious and indulgent bath. Pour in some Moulton Brown bubbles, a glass of wine, a good book, and I am in heaven. It’s my favorite thing and revives my spirits at the end of a long day. And of course, I always top it off by using my favorite towels. :) Also, travel. Whether it be with my hubby or with my gal pals, I love having a trip to look forward to.

You’re one of Weezie’s girl crushes. What artists, designers, creatives and fun brands are you crushing on these days?

Umm, the feeling’s mutual, ladies!! Hmm, let’s see. I really love Stephanie Summerson Hall of Estelle Colored Glass - she is such an amazing entrepreneur. Holly Hollon, my friend and designer who created my branding, has been such a source of encouragement and inspiration for so many years. She is immeasurably talented and everything she touches turns to gold. I also love Diane Hill, her paintings on silk are exquisite. And of course, Nellie Diamond, CEO of Hill House. She has done two things I think are incredibly smart: She brilliantly reinvented social and influencer marketing, and therefore created a cult following after her products. The second thing she did was be true to herself (by not trying to be everything to everybody) and to her customer by leaning hard into her best-selling product, the Nap Dress.

We could not be more obsessed with our Weezie x SGP collection - from the color, to the scallop & gold detailing, to the perfect poppy motif.  What can you tell us about the inspiration for the collection from your perspective? 

SAME! I have absolutely loved creating this collection and having them in multiple rooms in my home. I wanted to create a design that was iconic, came from a deep place within my creative heart, and says “classic and collectible”. The poppy design quite literally “popped” into my head at the end of 2020 but took several months to come to life. The poppy flower is one of the most perfect flowers to me - it is reminiscent of a wildflower, with it’s delicate, almost bowl-like petals.

Blue and white will forever be in style, and to me, floral motifs are eternal in the world of design. I am thrilled with how Weezie made the towel exactly like my initial sketch - seeing my designs on a Weezie towel has been a TOTAL dream come true!  

Quick takes…

Bath or shower?

Bath, duh!

Bath time buddies?

Moulton Brown Gingerlily Body Wash for me, and then my kids love washable bath time markers!

Bedtime stories?

You are Special by Max Lucado. Every family needs this book. My daughter, Maison, has it memorized.

Bucket-list destinations?

My husband and I are headed to Jumby Bay in Antigua! We are celebrating 10 years (a year late) and it’ll be JUST the two of us and we are pumped! Maison is obsessed with Paris and we are crossing our fingers we can take her next summer. 

Weezie for me:

I absolutely love my bath towels. They are *just* the right amount of soft but also absorbent. Anytime anyone stays at our house, they ask about my Weezie towels. They make my guest room feel like a resort. :)

Weezie for everyone:

I LOVE the makeup towels! They’re beautiful, soft, and a great price point for gifts and so, so practical.

Any famous last words?

A fellow entrepreneur once told me the secret to delegation is to know and be honest with yourself. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and delegate those things which you are weak in to those who are gifted in them. Find a vocation where you are utilizing your unique gifts as best as you can - strive to make that your work - for you will find deep joy in that.

Thank you, Susan! You can follow along with Susan Gordon Pottery here and shop our latest collaboration here. 

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