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Columbus, GA based artist and potter, Mollie Jenkins, crafts small-batch, ceramic wares to elevate the everyday, bringing a touch of whimsy to your Sunday suppers. Mollie’s signature Halloween ghosts are a spooky season staple, paired with a Weezie Powder Bath Towel - autumn bathroom bliss!

#1: Your favorite place to vacation is.....
St. George Island, FL

#2: You're always listening to.....
Music primarily and podcasts the remainder of the time. Current music favorites include Futurebirds, Josh Ritter, Tyler Childers, and Hiss Golden Messenger. As for Podcasts I love The Daily, Second Life, and How I Built This.

#3: You love to unwind by.....
Coming home, putting some music on and fixing something good for supper. I also enjoy working in the yard and letting Rook romp about with the chickens.

#4: Something that brings you joy is.....
My dog Rook. He works at the studio with me everyday and brings a smile to everyone's face.

#5: You can't live without your......
Bed warmer. I am always chilly and this is the perfect end to everyday for me.


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