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When it comes to monogramming, there are lots of rules and opinions on the "right" way to do it, but we found some of them to be contradicting. The great thing about personalizing a towel is that, well, it's personal! So we made you a general guide...but the most important thing to remember is: do what is going to put a smile on your face when you see your beautiful towels in your bathroom!

It can be confusing, and we certainly get our fair share of questions! So we rounded up the most asked monogramming questions for you here...

What is the most traditional monogram option?
Traditionally speaking, a female three-letter monogram with a large center initial is the way to go. Weezie offers multiple three-letter options in this style including Perry, Crosby, and Ardsley.

What is the most modern monogram option?
Prince is one of our most modern monogram styles with all letters being the same size, and River is a fun way to write more than just initials!

Which monogram should I get if I want to meet in the middle of traditional and modern?
If you’re looking for a monogram that merges the two styles - traditional and modern - we suggest a single letter monogram. This can be done with a shared last name (or even first name!) and we love our Mercer font for this approach.

I have a four-initial name, what should I do?
- One way is to just pick a single letter: either your first or last initial
- Drop the fourth initial
- Straight across: First, Middle, Middle, Last

You can choose from Prince or Tybee! Or if you aren’t feeling either of those styles, reach out via email at and we can chat about it :-).

I don’t have a middle name, what should I do (AKA...I only have two initials)?
- Single Letter: first or last initial
- Two Letters, Same Size: first and last initials

There are a few options: Perry and Prince are Weezie faves, but you can also go with River and Tybee which allow up to 10 characters! 

Can I get different embroidery within one starter pack? 
Right now we are only able to offer one style of embroidery per starter pack. If you’d like different embroidery across your towels, ordering a la carte is the way to go.

Can I see how embroidery looks before I order?! 
Of course! Check out our Embroidery Preview online when you’re choosing your embroidery style, thread, and letters :-).


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