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How We’re Helping During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Community means everything to us here at Weezie. We wouldn’t have been able to start this company without it, and we’re especially grateful for all of you during these unsettling times. In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are doing what we can do to help.

Last week, we asked for your input on causes and organizations in need of support in light of the outbreak. So many of you echoed our thinking that giving back to local food banks was one of the best ways to make an impact. This week, we're donating 10% of profits to Feeding America, an organization with a network of 200 food banks across the U.S.. with a COVID-19 Response Fund to help food banks support communities impacted by the pandemic.

Why food banks are so important right now:

School closures have been running rampant throughout the country. Without school meals, many children are losing their source of daily healthy meals. Feeding America quotes, “As such, many food banks have already begun to distribute emergency food boxes at children's programs and in partnership with local school districts. Many more are adding additional food distributions to help fill this gap. Food banks will continue to work with school districts and local government agencies to ensure children who rely on school meals have access to food outside of the classroom.”  We chose Feeding American to have an impact across the entire country. More information from Feeding America and their response to the coronavirus. 

How else can you help?

Not in the market for towels or robes, but looking for other ways to help (beyond social distancing, of course)? You can donate to Feeding America directly. Secondly, last week, we asked our Instagram family to suggest ways to help. Here is a roundup of their great suggestions: 

1. No Kid Hungry:

At No Kid Hungry, their primary focus is ending childhood hunger and poverty in the United States. The coronavirus is shutting down schools across the nation, eliminating what might be the only healthy meal for some children. You can take action with No Kid Hungry, and learn more about their efforts.

2. Baby2Baby:

Baby2Baby provides children (ages 0-12) with diapers, clothing, and other basic necessities that every child deserves. They are currently on the ground providing essentials to families impacted by the coronavirus. Baby2Baby is asking for donations to help provide and distribute these products to families in need. You can make a difference

3. Meals on Wheels:

In efforts to keep our senior citizens fed, Meals on Wheels is asking everyone to not forget who is most vulnerable to getting COVID-19. Local Meals on Wheels programs are on the front line every day, but with increased needs during this time, there’s an extra-urgent need for funds. You can stay up to date with their efforts.

4. The Giving Kitchen:

The Giving Kitchen provides emergency assistance to food-service workers through financial support and a network of community resources. Food-service workers are taking a major hit by not being able to work during the outbreak. The Giving Kitchen is here to help and provide assistance when needed, read more about qualifying for their assistance

It’s easy to feel helpless during this time and lots of people are looking for ways to help. If you have other ideas for ways to help, email or DM us! We will continue to share the information as we get it. 

Thank you, Weezie Fam. Stay safe! xx


PS: Staying informed is a key element in helping our community. When researching ways to lend a hand, we made sure to save our most helpful articles during this process, to share with you. Below you will find articles that fueled our efforts. 

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