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Victoria Ford (aka @prepfordwife) is a North Carolina-based blogger sharing her “classic with a wink” lifestyle. Victoria took on her (future) kids’ bathroom for the One Room Challenge & we are loving the results! 

Victoria, tell us a little about yourself!

I’m located in Cary, NC right outside of Raleigh. I’ve always loved interiors. I’m a fixer so it’s in my nature to want to fix everything around me - from my childhood bedroom weekly musical chairs to my overly styled dorm room, it’s kind of always just been who I am.

We are obsessed with this space! What can you tell us about it?

We completed this space over a span of 8 weeks for this biannual event called the One Room Challenge (ORC) where designers and guest participants get together to support each other through renovating a space. We selected the bathroom because it’s the very last room in our house and we’d been waiting for a good opportunity to check it off the list. ORC gave us the kick in the pants to get it done. We use this bathroom as the main bathroom but since it’s on the second floor near the smaller bedrooms, down the line we anticipated it as a kids' bathroom for either us or another family if we decide to sell. So we set out to create a coastal kids' bathroom that could also double as an adult bathroom in the interim. We tampered the cool colors and whimsical design with more mature pieces like the brass shower head and fixtures.

This was your second time participating in the One Room Challenge. What did you want to do differently this time around?

This time around, I had the first bathroom as a guide. I wanted the bathrooms to feel like cousins since they are in the same small house.  The color palette was the same and some of the accent concepts were the same. I also had a crystal clear vision of what I wanted the space to look and feel like, and I was uncompromising in the pursuit of it. Because of it, I started sourcing items months and months before the installation which really helped. By the time the ORC started, it was just a matter of pulling the space together.

What can we expect from The PrepFord Wife in the coming months?

We bought a new home three weeks after finishing this bathroom. We are gluttons for punishment.  So we’re renovating an entirely new home from the bottom up. You can expect tons of home projects to make their way back to PrepFord Wife any day now. 

Exciting news! With a new renovation on the brain, where are you looking for inspiration?

@homemadebycarmona, @erinkestenbaum, @ramblingreno, and @tinyhousecalls (This one is a miniature account but I swear her work is just as good as life size!)



Favorite Bathroom Accessories:

Recent home splurge: This Circa chandelier! 

Recent home save: $40 set of dining room Windsor chairs from Facebook Marketplace

Go-to Hostess Gift: I stock Mrs. Meyer’s soap & dish soap in the large bottle and transfer it to glass bottles that I always have on hand. That gets wrapped in a beautiful tea towel. If I have time, I monogram it with the last initial of the hostess!

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