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Greenville-based interior designer, Taylor Hill, went bold when designing her own primary bath. The space, inspired by the punchy pink wallpaper, is the perfect home for our red piping.

Tell us about your journey to interior design.

My ardor for interior design emerged from a longtime combined study of art, history, and, later, construction. I interned for Amelia Handegan in Charleston, South Carolina while working on my Masters in Historic Preservation, and immediately knew design was the place for me. After finishing graduate school, I worked for a design/build firm and learned everything I could about construction science. 

I opened up my own firm in 2020. Over the last nine years, I’ve had the privilege of seeing 300-year-old houses reborn in renovation, building amazing residences from the ground up, and partnering with incredibly talented vendors, architects, craftspeople, and builders.

Your style in a few words:

This is hard because I am lucky enough to work in a lot of aesthetics!! I think “soulful southern eclectic” covers my style pretty comprehensively, though. I thrive on mixing old and new elements.

Your forever inspo:

You recently completed a fab primary bath and included some special Weezie pieces. Can you give us a glimpse into the process of bringing this beautiful space together?

In this particular bathroom, I started with the wallpaper. I saw the Soane pattern while scrolling for a client one day and knew I had to have it for myself! However, it is quite bold and very pink, so I also knew it would be hard to sell the idea to my husband. Although I do not recommend this for my own clients, I went ahead and bought the paper without telling him - whoops! He actually loves the final product!!  

I chose to pair a deep chocolate brown cabinet and trim color with the reds, pinks, and browns in the wallpaper in an effort to elevate the space. I generally tend to keep plumbing and accessory details rather classic, so I went with vintage styles in polished nickel. I created a little graphic tension against the florals on the walls with the gray and white marble on the floors. The goal is to seek out unexpected pattern play, especially in bathrooms!

The design brief:

        We can’t get over the RED! We know some people are scared to use such a bold color - what advice do you have for not being scared to go bold in a bathroom? 

        You can find very sophisticated outlets to use color intentionally without it being jarring. I suggest selecting one dominant color to command the space, then pair it with a variety of complementary neutral or earth tones to create balance.

        Do you have a method / motto for designing bathrooms?

        Bathrooms are the “jewelbox” of a home. Since they tend to be smaller spaces, it’s easier to comfortably invest in some dynamic selections without overstimulating your overall aesthetic or your wallet. I encourage clients to find drama in at least one bathroom - the combination of great millwork or tile, wallpaper, and light fixtures can totally set a scene while still allowing seasonal evolution with new art, towels, or trinkets.

        Before you go…

        What are you reading? 

        Run Studio Run by Eli Altman for the third time! 

        Who are you following?

        I am ALWAYS looking for new artists to add to my rolodex!  I recently found Ryan Cannon, Karen Smidth, and Paula Rubino on Instagram. 

        - I scour way too many antique stores via instagram (@westy416 / @17southantiques / @peachtreebattleantiques / @thelocalvault to name a few) for great furnishing and decoration finds 

        - Interior Designer Katie Rosenfield of Boston, MA  is a new find of mine - I’m obsessed with everything she posts. She is insanely talented!

        What’s next? 

        There are SO MANY fun projects on the horizon! I am looking forward to wrapping up a few projects this year across the Southeast - I’ve got clients in Greenville, Charleston, Sullivan’s Island, Dallas, Western NC, and Atlanta currently.  We are also starting a private hunting lodge and farm, a few amazing mountain properties, and some in town projects in the Southeast in 2022 as well!

        Recent interiors splurge:

        I was able to snag a piece from Laura Deems’ most recent fall collection a month or two ago. The series is truly incredible! I’ve got it hanging in my living room.

        Recent interiors steal:

        I found an amazing pair of antique cowhide upholstered chairs about a year ago in Atlanta. I resisted purchasing them for over six months - every time I’d go back to the store they’d be there. At my December drop in they were on sale, so I had to grab them!!  

        Recent Instagram saves:

        - Benjamin Paul Studio (bespoke locally made furniture) 

        - The Edition 94, Matilda Goad (Lifestyle and vintage finds/homeware)

        - Francesca Gentilli (cool rug and textiles) 

        - Everything Ham Interiors and Collins Interiors posts!

        Thank you, Taylor! You can shop Taylor's towel pick. If her space has you wanting more design inspiration, check out our Sourcing Library!



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