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Savannah, GA (Weezie's hometown!) based designer Robyn Roberts has an eye for all things class. Robyn recently wrapped up two exciting projects, her own bathroom and the primary bath of our co-founder and Creative Director Liz. We reached out to Robyn to get the details on both projects.

What led you to launch Robyn Roberts Design?

I basically had a life crisis and decided it was now or never to start my own business. I didn’t want to look back and wonder what if. 

You are based in Weezie’s hometown, Savannah, the Hostess City! What is your favorite part about being a designer in Savannah? 

My favorite part about being a designer in Savannah is the relationships I’ve made with local tradespeople, vendors, and shop owners. It is a small town but filled with creatives. I’m always learning and inspired by my friends who are entrepreneurs.

We love what you have done in your primary bath. Tell us about this beautiful floor!

I’m obsessed with it. It is actually stamped porcelain to look like a wood parquet. My entire house has a French undertone because I not so secretly wish I was a chic French girl with an amazing pied-a-terre. I thought these tiles worked nicely with the rest of the house.

Do you have any hard and fast rules that you always follow for primary bathrooms?

I don’t have any rules when it comes to anything. A lot of times the house and space dictate what is going to look and function best.

When you are working on a bathroom renovation, where do you advise saving money vs. splurging?

I’m terrible at saving money BUT there are some great stores (ahem...Floor and Decor) that have the same designer tiles you might find in a showroom but half the price. You might have to dig and go through every single box of tile to make sure the colors are consistent, but it is worth the savings!

Splurge on fixtures. There is a big difference in a budget vs. a quality faucet. You don’t want something to feel lightweight but rather sturdy and look timeless.

This shower - it looks like total heaven! Give us all the amazing details!

We had an architect but I ended up changing the plans for the primary bath and reworking the space myself. I wanted something I would never tire of, so I went with classic black and white marble. The adjacent bedroom has pink curtains so I wanted the bathroom to be a little more masculine. 

I like to pretend I’m low maintenance so we just did a basic shower head and handheld, no steam or bathtub. I have two little kids and barely have time to dry my hair most days. 

We love the embroidery on your Weezie towels! ;)

So, my husband and I are Rob and Robyn Roberts and I just can’t go with initials and R overload. I asked him what he wanted on the towels and he jokingly said BAMF, so I just went with it. I think he was a little surprised when they arrived.

You worked with our co-founder and Creative Director, Liz, on her fabulous Savannah home - give us the inside scoop?!

Liz likes a lot of different things but ultimately loves color and a mix of patterns. Once we narrowed that down, it was easy. Liz and her husband are also very easy going and friends of mine, making it even more fun.

Why did you all decide on wallpaper for this space?

In this case, Liz already had a beautiful bathroom but we wanted to infuse some pattern to liven it up. Slanted ceilings are always fun for wallpaper.

Let’s chat about the artwork. We love the M.Studio resin piece and coral prints in this bathroom. Were these part of Liz’s personal collection or did you find them for her? How and when do you approach art in the design process?

If a client already has artwork, we can usually start with that. Otherwise, we design the space and then make selections. Liz went on a trip to Italy and came home with some amazing prints. The small scale of the wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for making artwork pop. 

Mary Margaret, the artist behind M. Studio, is a mutual friend and her flowers look great against a blue backdrop.

We never know what the right height is for hanging artwork in a bathroom, what do you suggest?



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