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Tell us about your journey into content creation and design! How did you begin your career as a designer?
Content creation has never come natural to me, however, it seems when I share subjects, photos, and things I like and that are a reflection of me while also being authentic, people seem to enjoy following so that’s a win! As far as beginning my career in design, I have always been a naturally creative person taking art classes throughout my schooling career, spending five years styling brides, and eventually taking the dive to follow a passion in residential home interior design I’ve had in the back of my mind simmering for at least a decade but never had the guts to pursue until having kids and the covid pandemic hit. During the pandemic I realized that it was time to take the leap so while raising a two year old and pregnant with my second baby, I took online courses, soaked up design magazines, podcasts and more to fully immerse myself in the idea of becoming an interior designer. I initially tried applying for a few design assistant positions, however, without any experience or four year college education, my resume didn’t get much attention as quickly as I had hoped. And I can’t explain it, but I had subconscious force or voice in my head that kept telling me to start my own business and that yes, it would be difficult but it is my path. So here I am and I finally feel like I found my place in my long term professional career despite it just beginning. 

Your forever inspo: Nature. There is so much beauty in the natural world including color, shapes, and movement. And sound cliche, but travel as well. 

The design brief: It starts with getting to understand the client on a deeper level when it comes lifestyle, aesthetic tastes, non-negotiables, and more. I had a little bit of a headstart with this particular client since I have known them for a very long time so understanding their style, and where they were willing to take risks helped in the design. It all started with a the beautiful Emser Passion Rosa tile that so perfectly coordinated with an large-scale Anthropologie art piece and continued to evolve from there. Funny enough, the final decision was the wallpaper. We considered a bunch of styles but nothing was quite right until we found the Scion Elsa paper which had the right scale for the bathroom size, colors, and overall feel we were going for. 

  • Sconces: Kate Spade Round Globe Sconce
  • Shower Tile: Emser Passion in Rosa 
  • Floor Tile: Porcelain Penny Round Mosaic Wall & Floor Tile 
  • Shower fixtures: Kohler Contemporary Round Collection in Vibrant Moderne Brass

  • Sink Fixture: Moen Colinet Faucet 
  • Cabinet Color: Farrow & Ball Setting Plaster 
  • Cabinet Hardware: Modern Matter Elliptical Edgewood Knob & Jones Backplate
  • Accessories: Weezie Wave Embroidered Starter PackAnthropologie Cats Wall Art 

  • Before you go…

    What are you reading?
    28 Summers by Elin Hilderbrand (My vacation read :) )

    Who are you following?
    @houseandgardenuk; @Juliaberolzheimer; @readmckendree to name a few.

    What’s next? This beautiful bathroom project was part I of my #TallOaksSherborn project. We are working on part II which is the addition coming later this summer! This will include two guest bedrooms and bathrooms, a four season porch, workout room, office space, and mudroom/laundry. Stay tuned-it’s going to be incredible!

    Recent interiors splurge: Very expensive embroidered fabrics for one of the guest bedrooms in the addition mentioned above. We are most likely going to use one for an upholstered wall and the other for drapes. 

    Recent interiors steal: Studio Mcgee art from Target that looks legit!

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    Liz Eichholz

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