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Tell us about your journey into design! How did you begin your career as a designer?

I’ve had a passion for textiles and design since the time I was little. I loved rearranging my room as a kid and begged for a fabric canopy to drape over my four-poster bed. I studied interior design and retail merchandising throughout my college years. I had a wonderful opportunity to intern for Ralph Lauren at their New York headquarters, which was a pivotal moment for me. I was taken immediately by the culture of the company - the brand oozed style and you could feel it walking through the dark paneled halls. The RL Home showroom was nothing less than amazing and left me wanting more. I went on to work in Chicago for a number of years with various showrooms and after relocating back to my hometown of Milwaukee, WI, I joined a fast growing interior design firm. I was able to learn the ropes and after my first child was born, we accepted an opportunity to move abroad for my husband’s job. This time gave me some space to determine my next steps. Once we were back stateside, I had friends and other referrals reach out to see if I would take on their projects. I decided to launch my firm, just after my second child was born in the midst of covid. We’ve grown rapidly since then and are beyond grateful for the opportunities that have come our way.

 Your (designer) style icon:

Jessica Barton (J Kathryn Interiors) Ariel Okin, Palmer Weiss, Lisa Henderson, Whitney McGregor, Kristin Challacombe to name a few haha

Where do you look to find inspo:

I find much of my inspiration in other people’s work, whether that is through photography or traveling to new places and studying the design and architecture around me. I joke that I am truly listening, it’s just that my eyes can’t help but bounce around a room. I’m always analyzing spaces around me.

Can you give us a glimpse into the process of bringing this beautiful bathroom together?

This particular client was hungry for color. She had a lot of blue and white at play in adjacent rooms and wanted to work with complimentary colors that would broaden the range of what was currently in place. I had long admired Katie Ridder and knew one of her paper’s would be perfect for this client and her space.

Accessories: Weezie Signature Hand Towels, Designer’s Own Vase

Before you go...

Favorite Weezie item? Makeup towels are my fave for practicality and for looks, the scallop collection!
What are you reading? Fourth Wing is what is currently on deck.
Who are you following? My absolute daily go-tos are: @aglassofbovino, @jkathryninteriors, @thriftandtell.

What’s next? Strengthening our brand recognition & working with more amazing clients who trust us and have respect for what we do!
Recent interiors splurge: This white fringe sofa for my living room!  




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Liz Eichholz

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