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Tell us about yourself and how you got into interior design! 

I launched Lisa Henderson Interiors in 2010 with several years of vital experience already under my belt. I knew that I wanted to have a family in the not-so-distant future, so it was important to me to establish my business prior to having children. Those early years laid the groundwork for how I run my firm today. 

Can you explain your personal style in one sentence? Ready, set, go!

My style is a fresh take on traditional design infused with color. 

When designing a bathroom, what are the first elements you design, and what comes second?

Often, the first element I select for a bathroom is the tile. I like to choose something really classic that will act as a backdrop, allowing other elements, like wallpaper, to shine. The only exception would be if I’m building an entire room around a very special wallcovering. The final touches, such as perfectly piped Weezie towels, are placed at the end, but my mind is focused on the complete picture throughout the entire design process. 


Your textile line is full of fun colors and beautiful patterns––two things we love at Weezie! What inspired you to start your own textile line?

The inspiration for my textile line came out of both necessity and the desire to diversify my business. I found myself constantly specifying custom colorways of my favorite textiles and wanted more options for my clients. I love color, prints, and the creative process, so ideating a textile line is such a natural extension of my design business.


We love seeing our towels against wallpaper! If you were designing a bathroom with your wallpaper and Weezie, what would be some of your go-to combinations?!

This bathroom was the first place I ever installed my Mark textile in pink as wallpaper, so it holds a special place in my heart. The light pink piped Weezie towels match perfectly! In general, I love the pop of a white towel on a densely colored wallpaper.


Favorite coffee table book to give as a gift: 

My latest favorite is Assouline’s Provence Glory

Favorite artist right now?

I have some really fun client commissions in the works from Lacelliese King’s tennis court series

Favorite brands to follow on IG:  

Some of my favorite follows are Penny Morrison LTD, local Dallas boutiques Cabana and Canary, and, of course, Weezie! I’m also looking forward to designing some upcoming jewelry with Milliard Diamond Concierge and I love following them on Instagram. 

Recent interior design splurge?

Something I always advise my clients to do is to splurge on custom upholstery that they’ll have for a lifetime, even if they eventually recover it. I’ve been following my own advice as we continue to get settled in our new home! 

Recent interior design steal?

I’m headed on a buying trip next week, so ask me then! 

Can you share your most recent IG saves with us?

I’ve been saving restaurants in Paris for an upcoming special trip.



Wallcovering - Lisa Henderson Textiles

Countertops - Carrara Marble

Sconces - Circa Lighting

Cabinetry - Bleached White Oak

Trim - Farrow & Ball All White

Baskets - Container Store

Mirror - FLEUR Home

Thanks so much, Lisa! Interested in more Bathroom Diaries? Check out our recent interview with Bess Dubose and her tips on nailing the skirted sink look here.


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Liz Eichholz

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