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Bathroom Diaries with Designer Jeremy Clark


Jeremy, tell us a little about yourself!

I’m from Huntsville, AL! Went to Auburn University for Interior Design, lived in Nashville for 3 years – now I’m primarily in Birmingham, AL, but travel from coast to coast for work. I’ve been in the industry since I graduated from school – 4 years ago (!). 

You recently decided to take the leap and go out on your own, congrats! What helped you to take the risk, and what’s keeping you inspired + encouraged as a newly-minted business owner?

Honestly – I was working with a firm, also taking on exciting side hustles, and one client came to me looking for a full remodel–furniture, fixtures, the works!, and I knew if I said yes I would have to dedicate more than just nights and weekends to see it through, so I decided now or never. I’m inspired by my colleagues. I’ve found this industry to be so supportive of one another, and that is extremely encouraging. 

Two sophisticated bathrooms featuring Weezie Towels


You recently dished up two gorgeous bathrooms (served with a side of Weezie 😉). Where do you start when designing a bathroom? Any tips for those of us who might be thinking of giving our own a refresh?

The first thing I do is start with scope–what can we change, and what can’t we change. Next, I determine how the bathroom needs to function (i.e., medicine cabinet for storage, or wallpaper for a fanciful powder bath), then layer on the design scheme. The best advice I can give is to go for maximum impact punches–paint the walls, change the mirror, change the lighting. Your plumbing fixtures will subside.

Both spaces lean towards a more neutral palette, but lack nothing in punch or style! Any tips for maintaining some flare when working primarily with a neutral scheme? 

I know, right?! It’s funny that both skew neutral, when in reality – I love color. Both clients wanted a bathroom with plenty of style and personality, but something that could truly stand the test of time (or being listed on the market!), and this was the solution. Both incorporate wallpaper, which I adore – and each uses lighting and mirrors to set the stage. One, utilizing function with a utilitarian medicine cabinet, the other with a stately ebony and bone mirror to balance the delicate wallpaper.

A bathroom Jeremy designed with floral wallpaper and black edged Weezie towels.

At Weezie, we have a soft spot for wallpaper (and adore both of the prints you used in these bathrooms!) When it comes to wallpaper. What are your go-to brands?

Oh no–this is a hard question! I really do love so many different papers–but the ones that I constantly refer back to are Oscar de la Renta for Lee Jofa, Cole & Sons, Farrow & Ball, and Adelphi Paper Hangings

You call two of our favorite Southern cities home! If we have a weekend in either, what needs to be on our itinerary?!

Since I’ve been spending far more time in Birmingham as of late, I’ll share for a weekend spent there!

  • Dine: Bottega (Order the orange thing–trust me!), Fon Fon, or Bettola. If you’re in the mood for a quick sandwich and a vintage vibe–Gilchrist checks all of the boxes. Cocktails (arguably the most important part), I frequent Paper Doll in Downtown or for a glass of wine, Golden Age.
  • Shop: Shoppe and General; one a garden shop, the other a specialty general store, and nestled in the quaint neighborhood of Forest Park. Alchemy in Mountain Brook is also fantastic, and Lolo French Antiques has exquisite French pieces. If you find yourself venturing out of Birmingham, say hello to Barbara at Unique Black Sheep!
  • Stay: The Grand Bohemian in Mountain Brook–stay here for the location (Botanical Gardens, Mountain Brook Village, English Village–all right around the corner). 

If anyone wants a Nashville list – DM me, the list is extremely long! 

General and Shoppe, two of Jeremy's favorite Birmingham shops.

For those of us who are renting and have less-than-exciting baths, can you share a handful of accessories (~3 or so...think: light fixtures, hardware, hard goods, product links are great here!) that might help jazz things up? )

  1. Light Fixture: This glossy white sconce from Mark D. Sikes for Hudson Valley is clean and simple, but with just enough detail (the sweet knob) to make it look more expensive than it truly is–perfect for a rental.  
  2. A Decorative Mirror: Woven rattan adds so much texture, and this one from Bunny Williams for Ballard Designs is a great price, and a great scale (36” round!). (This mirror is no longer available but you can find a similar one from Pottery Barn here).
  3. Upgrade the hardware: This solid brass towel holder is extremely timeless and super affordable! I love the details that are reminiscent of Galeries des Lampes fixtures.
Jeremy recommends switching out light fixtures, adding a statement mirror, and switching out hardware when looking to update a rental bathroom!

You are one of the first to give our new Men’s Robe a spin– tell us, what’s the review?

The best way I can describe it is to imagine your favorite hotel robe–and then imagine it even better, plus your initials. Five stars all the way! The navy piping adds a really fantastic detail in contrast to the plush white cotton. And yes–while the robe feels substantial and thick, it doesn’t feel hot or too weighted. It’s perfect for all seasons (and all the time)!

It’s been a year unlike any other! How have you found ways to #enjoythestay in these crazy times? 

Honestly–Amazon hasn’t stopped delivering coffee table books, and this Fall has been full of inspiring new releases. From Nickey Kehoe to Markham Roberts, Mark Sikes to Rattan by Lulu Lytle–it’s been perfect to delight in from home. Did I mention copious amounts of wine? 

A bathroom Jeremy designed with cream striped wallpaper and navy piped towels.

Sourcing for bathroom #1 (shown above):

Sourcing for bathroom #2:


Favorite Designers to Follow on IG: 

Jeffrey Bilhuber, Christopher Spitzmiller, Peter Dunham, Rebecca Gardner, Kate Rheinstein Brodsky, Brockschmidt and Coleman, and Max Sinsteden

Go-to's for inspo:

Moda Operandi (tablescape!), Markham Roberts’ new “Notes on Decorating”, Perrotine Co., Loft Antiques, Cece Barfield Thompson, Stitch Design Co, Creech Co, Nickey Kehoe, Chris Pearson Floors

Fav brands for menswear (& beyond!):

Sid Mashburn, Drake’s, Alex Mill, Sunspel, Sabah, Belgian Shoes, J. Crew, Everlane. Classics!

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