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Tell us about your journey into content creation and design! How did you begin your career as a designer? I grew up in wallpaper and furniture stores. My mother had a passion for interior design and spent much of her free time redesigning homes (we lived in 8 different homes while I was in elementary school!). I didn’t know I wanted to do this as my career until almost the end of my college experience, so I pivoted quickly with my degrees and never looked back!

Your style in a few words: Casual, fresh, classic.

Your forever inspo: Travel! I am always amazed at the inspiration I get from traveling to a new place. I have so many photos on my phone its embarrassing – but I always want to remember the details of these places that can all be so different. I love bringing those details into our projects. For example – we rented a VRBO in Charleston and the house had the most incredible wainscotting – we are now replicating that in a home we are designing in Florida, it’s so rewarding to bring that historical detail to a new construction project and carry that piece of history on.

Can you give us a glimpse into the process of bringing this beautiful bathroom together? Our client’s home is located in Florida, so we knew we wanted to bring that playful color and flair to each space that’s appropriate to the location! With many different powder bathrooms to work with, we focused on creating a different aesthetic and overall “vibe” to each one – which makes it more fun experience for our client’s guests when they come to stay!

The Design Brief:
Pink Flamingo Bathroom

Blue Bathroom

Stripe Bathroom

Whale Bathroom 


Before you go…

What are you reading?
I don’t have much time to read – but I was just on vacation and started reading The Last Castle by Denise Kiernan. It’s a recreation of the story of the Vanderbilt family and the building of the Biltmore. I’ve spent a lot of time there over the past few years and it’s a great book to immerse yourself more deeply into the magic of their story.

Who are you following?
I would say I follow quite the array of accounts on Instagram… Between brands I love, designers I am inspired by, and gardeners I can learn from, it’s hard to not spend hours scrolling at all the inspiration out there!

What’s next?
My plate is pretty full with our incredible design projects we are working on right now. But between our travels I am working on some fun brand collaborations and hoping some day to create a place for people to come and immerse themselves in our brands close to home.

Recent interiors splurge:
We just added on a sitting room off our bedroom, which has become my little piece of Heaven. We also added a pool in our backyard which in the summers makes us want to spend all of our time at home – it truly feels like a vacation being home when I travel so much for work.

Recent interiors steal:
I’m addicted to quick purchases that freshen up a space, its very rare I don’t have something in my cart at Target – especially loving the Studio McGee collection. Every launch has something that would look good on my shelves!

Recent Instagram saves: 
My friend Monika Hibbs valentines tablescape – couldn’t be any prettier!

Even when I’m traveling I’m dreaming of travel – this account Provence Poiriers is a must follow if you love France and all its beauty.

I’m always inspired by the layering of patterns the team at Sister Parish curate. Every room feels like its been there for 100 years without feeling stale or tired.



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Liz Eichholz

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