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Peek into our Saved tab on Instagram and you’ll find a lot of posts from interior designer Becky Boyle. Her aesthetic is both classic and luxe, and the rooms she designs make us want to #enjoythestay. We had the pleasure of working with Becky on a Southern Living Showcase home. We watched her transform a space in Nashville, TN. Spoiler: Weezie made it into the bathroom. Here, Becky tells us about her background, design inspo, towel time, and more. 

Tell us about yourself! 
I’m a Southerner by birth, New Yorker by trade, and have lived in Los Angeles for the last 6 years. My husband recently bought a house in Charlotte, NC that we’re in the process of renovating. 

Weezie loved working with you on the Southern Living Showcase Home in Nashville. Tell us about how that project went for you! 
Thank you! I’m so honored to be working with a wonderful and successful women-run business. I knew your towels would be a perfect match for my fun, youthful, and feminine bathroom. I’m obsessed with the new stitched edge in the perfect Carolina blue

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? 
I’m a complete germaphobe and terrified of flying. It makes for a comical cross country trip, which I’ve been having to do for years. 

How do you make sure you’re enjoying the stay on the daily?
I’ve begun prioritizing my health and sanity this past year. Whether it’s just getting outside and taking a walk on a conference call or scheduling a massage after a long trip. When your body is whole and fulfilled, you work much better and everything else falls into place.

What are some of your biggest design inspirations? 
Mario Buatta first and foremost. Also travel - seeing how others live in their homes and cities.

Current brand crush? 
@markarian_nyc, @fromjaipurwithlove, & @bysophieh

What do you do when your vision clashes with your client’s?
I try to find common ground and stick to what I know and love. Most clients come to me because we have a similar vision. However, I’m always happy to include a client’s idea or special piece - it’s their home, after all. 

What’s your advice for someone looking to get into interior decorating? 
Work under someone first. As great as design school is for teaching you the fundamentals and computer programs, you need to learn how to speak to clients, work with contractors, and other things that just takes time on the job.

What are some easy hacks to make your space look nicer? 
Custom drapes and pillows. Pull the trigger! 

Favorite Instagram accounts to follow? 
For design inspo: @jamesblaughlin@jeffreybilhuber, @theglampad, @cecebarfieldthompson, @arielokin, @riverroad59, @jeremydclark, For style: @bagather, @clarybosbyshell, @lefashion, @hayleybloom, @cynthiacooksmith

Last show you binge-watched, book you read, and podcast you listened to? 
A good friend recently suggested “Yellowstone,” so that was my last deep dive. Last book I read was “Mrs. Kennedy and Me,” and the last podcast I listened to was “Absolutely Not with Heather McMahan.” I listen while I run and she cracks me up. 

What’s one piece of advice you’d give your younger self? 
Take a breath. I’m ambitious and high strung, which manifests into anxiety a lot for me, but everything always works out how it’s supposed to. Also, more water, less cold brew. 

Do you have any fun projects coming up? 
We just debuted our dining room, bunkroom, and butler’s pantry at the Southern Living Showhouse in Nashville. It was a great group to work with. We have some wonderfully perfect Mediterranean homes in LA and then a ranch on a farm in North Carolina, among others!

How can we recreate this bathroom?! Do you mind sharing sources?

Lights: Circa Lighting
Mirror: an antique of mine
Wallpaper: Lulie Wallace
Hardware: Rohl
Faucet: Delta
Basket: West Elm

And of course a huge thank you to Hatcliff Construction who made this project possible!

Ok, tell us about your towel time! Is it…

Quick and no nonsense / long and lingering
With music / in peaceful silence 
With cell phone / with book 
Morning / evening 
Face mask / clean face 

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