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Our newest robes, wraps, and towels are all about efficiency. We tapped into four busy creatives and entrepreneurs to ask what they do while they dry off and stay busy. 

Aishwarya Iyer is the founder of Brightland Oils & Vinegars. Find them on instagram @wearebrightland and online at

What keeps you busy?

Brightland definitely keeps me busy, my two dogs, husband, family, and making sure I have some time to myself.

What would you do with a surprise extra day off?

I would absolutely cook a beautiful, luxurious meal. Brightland's chef in residence @noreenwasti makes the most enchanting recipes, so I would probably choose one of hers, like these gorgeous poached pears with whipped cream and dark chocolate.

What does #enjoythestay mean to you?

The coziness and comfort of home, and relishing in the simple + everyday.

What is the greatest luxury in your life?

Living in California and having access to such beautiful, amazing ingredients and produce so that I can spend time in my kitchen cooking and lounging, all year round.

Aishwarya's Weezie picks: 

Hair Towel in Blue Daisy

Long White Robe with Blue Piping


Thank you, Aishwarya! 

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