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"A Startup Called Weezie Is Going To Make You Rethink Towels"

We can’t believe 2019 is behind us now. At Weezie, it was an amazing year. We opened our first-ever pop-up in March. Then we launched our very first beach line, including a tote to pack them in. We even introduced a limited edition patterned robe in collaboration with India Armory. 

But when we’re always go-go-go, sometimes it’s a good idea to take a look back. 

Not too long ago, Amanda Lauren from Forbes gave us a chance to revisit our origin story. In her story “A Startup Called Weezie Is Going To Make You Rethink Towels,” Amanda took us allll the way back to when Lindsay was still in business school, and Liz was at Bustle. We had this crazy idea. And we realized we weren’t the only ones: 

“It turned out, as they did months of market research when developing the product and branding —they weren’t the only people who found their towels disappointing. Common complaints included towels losing their “fluffy” quality, fabric that doesn't withstand being washed, not adequately drying the body off, or staying wet on the hook. [...] ‘We were buying sheets from Parachute, mattresses from Casper, bras from Third Love, and glasses from Warby Parker,’ says Johnson, ‘There was nobody focused on the towel and once we started digging into it, [we thought] towels really deserve their own company. It’s something that you use every day and when you’re not using it, it’s a design fixture in your bathroom. It deserves to be more than an afterthought.’”

So we set out to find the perfect towel. We searched and searched for over a year, and the journey took us all over the world -- from Germany to Portugal. (That’s how important amazing towels are to us.) Finally, we got the process juuust right. But we also wanted to give our customers a say in what their perfect towel looks like, too, by adding the option to customize:

“Eichholz explained they wanted to make the ‘best quality towel and then it’s up to the consumer to make it their own.’ Weezie's customization options are truly elevated. There are five different monogram styles to choose from including a single initial. One style isn’t technically a monogram at all, but rather up to twelve letters of the customer’s choice. The founders revealed this option has been particularly popular. Towels have been customized with everything from Guest to nicknames, numbers, inside jokes, and even the names of their homes. There’s also a choice of custom embroidery for the bottom edge of the towel, currently with six different colors of thread to choose from.”

Read more from Forbes here, and then design your next Weezie luxury towels here.


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Liz Eichholz

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