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Weezie Hype Girls: Lake Pajamas Co-founders

Here at Weezie, we know a thing or two about winding down. And when we aren’t doing so in a plush bath sheet or cozy robe, we are lounging in our favorite pajama sets. Enter Anne Read and Cassandra, the gals behind our go-to PJ brand, Lake Pajamas.

Tell us about yourselves! How did you two meet and come up with the idea for Lake?

Anne Read: Cassandra and I met during our college years and each settled in Savannah post-college. She is from Savannah originally, and I grew up in Mississippi. It was always a dream to have our own business, and we were confident we’d work well together. We spent many nights together dreaming of ideas for starting a business, and pajamas just felt right. 

Cassandra: New motherhood really connected us, as well. Pajamas were something that we talked about a lot at that phase because we were dressing our babies in the softest pajama sets and going to bed ourselves in old t-shirts. We knew there was an opportunity.

You all are based in Weezie’s hometown of Savannah, Georgia, the ‘hostess city’! If someone is only in town for one night, what would you suggest?

Anne Read: I recommend a walk around downtown with stops at Courtland & Co and The Paris Market, then a pre-dinner cocktail on the rooftop of the Perry Lane Hotel, followed by dinner at The Grey. 

Cassandra: Artillery is a great spot for a drink too. And our favorite breakfast and lunch spots are Franklin’s and The Collins Quarter.

And when you're heading to the beach to escape the heat, what beach towels are you packing?

Anne Read: A Light Blue Striped Weezie Beach Towel with "LATTIMORE" embroidered in your Tybee style!

Cassandra: I am packing the Sage Weezie x Heather Chadduck Beach Towel with "CC" embroidered in your Tybee style. 

We can only imagine how full your own PJ drawers are. What are your go-to styles? Can you show us what you would wear in a week?

Anne Read: My go-to pajamas tend to change with the season. I love a Pima shorts set or nightgown in warmer months. When it’s cooler, I love our DreamKnit pants sets - the fabric is heavenly! My go-to lounge pieces are our new poplin lounge dresses, the Patio Dress. They’re the perfect throw-on piece during Spring. 

Cassandra: I prefer a crew neck so I love our Pima weekend sets. I like to sleep in shorts but like to wear pants around the house, and our bundle option is perfect for that. And I share Anne Read’s love for our lounge dresses! And we have new styles coming this summer that I’m very excited about!

Paint us a picture, how do the queens of pajamas organize their own?! Hung, folded, an entire closet devoted to them… we’re dying to know!

Cassandra: Clean and folded and in a drawer is the goal for me! It is nice when I manage to fold them Marie Kondo-style because you can see all the colors. 

Anne Read: Yeah, my pajama collection is kind of a walk down memory lane! Some of our early colors are still in rotation. I have a cabinet in my closet with dividers, and let’s just say my pajamas take up several sections. 

Think back to 5 years ago, did you think Lake would be where it is today? What is one of your favorite memories at the beginning of Lake?

Anne Read: It’s been such a fun ride! We definitely had big dreams when we started, and it’s been so fulfilling to watch the company grow and evolve. We both very much love what we do. 

Cassandra: It’s hard to pick just one since I have so many favorite memories, but I’ll never forget our very first photoshoot in Charleston.  We were so excited to see our product come to life. I also remember the first time we posted our Marine Pima Shorts Set on Instagram, and people went wild. That is when we realized we had something. 

Look at you now, with storefronts in Atlanta and Charleston! Congrats! As busy founders, how do you make sure you are enjoying your stay on the daily?

Anne Read: There really is something about simple luxuries, like a nicely set table (even if dinner is take-out) or a plush towel after a relaxing bath (wink, wink).  

Cassandra: And putting on great pajamas at the end of a long day of course! It’s amazing how much I decompress in those moments.

Quick Fire:

  • Pima or Poplin?  Both!
  • Current brand crush?  Agua Bendita sure is getting us excited for summer!
  • Favorite Interior Designer to follow?  Too many to list! Cece Barfield and Virginia Tupker are definitely current favorites.

  • Favorite coffee table book? Gil Schafer’s The Great American House never gets old.
  • Favorite book to read for bedtime?  Our kids love the Llama Llama books.
  • Favorite bath time toy for the kiddos?  Nothing better than a bath bomb.
  • Once the kids are down what are you grabbing first?  The remote!

Thanks so much, Anne Read and Cassandra. Time to cozy up in some Lake PJs, but first, bath time.


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