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We recently chatted with Charleston-based photographer Sirena Singleton. The brand and lifestyle photographer shared about motherhood, running a business, and her go-to ways to #enjoythestay.

Tell us about yourself and your business. Did you always know you wanted to be a photographer?

My name is Sirena and I help creatives tell their brand story authentically so that they can show up confidently and consistently connect with their dream clients while maximizing their profits. I also capture lots of families and some weddings too. I didn't always know that I wanted to be a photographer. I love history and looking at old pictures so I feel that my love of photography grew out of the desire to preserve history. I love the fact that when I capture people, no matter if it’s for a brand, family, or wedding, I’m preserving a legacy. Proof that you lived and that you were here.

We loved working with you on our Lil Weezie campaign! How was it working with your son Greyson?! He is the cutest lil model!

Thank you so much for the opportunity! It was amazing, but I must admit, I was really nervous! If you've worked with children then you know they can be unpredictable. I had just picked  him up from daycare and I was praying that he would cooperate! I love candids, so I knew that if I made it into a game and made it fun that we would be able to get through the shoot quickly and smoothly.

Sirena's adorable son, Greyson, wears a Lil Bathrobe with Light Blue Gingham piping and Tybee embroidery and a Kids' Hooded Towel with Light Blue Gingham piping and a Perry monogram.

Being a mom is no easy task, especially when you’re running your own business! How do you balance mom life and work life? Any tips for fellow working moms?!

OMG! Trying to balance it all can become a little overwhelming at times, but my best advice is saying, “NO!” Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle with it, but motherhood has given me the confidence to stick to my boundaries and saying no to things that do not serve me or my family.

I have to write everything down. I keep a digital planner, a paper planner, and a BIG wall/desk planner to see everything written out. 

"Motherhood has given me the confidence to stick to my boundaries and sa no to things that do not serve me or my family." 

After a long day of capturing beautiful imagery, what does your bath time routine with Greyson look like? 

I normally only shoot on the weekends. I still have a full-time job during the week. I know, life is a little crazy right now, but it won’t always be that way. I try to get everything cleaned downstairs before I come up. Then we come straight up and get into the bath. These are those moments I like to sit in. After bath time, Greyson is ready for his milk or water and sleepy time isn’t far behind.

Sirena's Picks:

How do you make sure you are enjoying your stay on the daily? 

I take off at least one weekend a month. I don’t make any plans and we just hang around the house in our loungewear, I of course start the first few hours of the morning in my Weezie robe with either a hair mask, face mask, or both. 

On the daily story time with Greyson is another moment I like to sit in and #enjoythestay I know that time passes quickly and things will soon change, but I enjoy these moments with him sitting in my lap and him enjoying me reading to him.

Thanks so much, Sirena! Ready for some towel time? You can shop Sirena's picks for herself and Greyson, and other Weezie goodies here!

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