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Our newest robes, wraps, and towels are all about efficiency. We tapped into four busy creatives and entrepreneurs to ask what they do while they dry off and stay busy. 

Tara Foley is the founder of Follain skincare. You can find them @follain, @follainbeauty or on their website

What keeps you busy?

Life?! And juggling the responsibilities that come with having a business, young kids, a partner, friends, and of course my own personal health and wellness. These are all great gifts worth being “busy” for—but they sure require a lot of energy.

What would you do with a surprise extra day off?

Solo R&R. It would begin with sleeping in, and include a lot of meditation, yoga, fresh air, reading, and honestly probably more sleep!

What does #enjoythestay mean to you?

To feel present and grateful for every little detail!

What is the greatest luxury in your life?

Time with friends. I’ve prioritized my family and career so much lately, that friend dates feel precious. I always feel great after these, and think they'll become less of a luxury one day soon.

Tara's Weezie picks: 

Short Spring Robe in Lottie

Hair Towel in Green Wave

Thank you, Tara! 

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